Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 6

Takakura-sempai, Origami, and the Secret Date
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This episode is VERY much like Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. That is, there are MANY bizarre things happening. It becomes difficult to tell which parts were dreams and which were real.

The club members were practicing making origami with magic. Nanaka had folded some cranes, but they were a little ugly. She looked over and saw that Ayanojou had folded some cranes that were perfect. She got upset and crumpled up her efforts.

Akane had folded something very complicated, but you couldn't tell what it was. Akane said it was called "boredom in the afternoon."

Sae was struggling to fold a happi coat. She passed out in the middle, and Takeo caught her. When she awoke, it turned out that she had folded the happi coat after all.

That night, Sae went to sleep. She woke up and saw that the origami coat had run outside. She followed it to the park, where she met the mysterious girl the first time. She saw the girl again. But then Sae woke up.

It is very difficult to explain what happens during the day. Sae will be doing something and then a second later everything is different. It is very confusing.

That night, Sae went to sleep again. Saki (Sae's older sister) showed up and said that she couldn't sleep and wanted to sleep in the same bed. After she got into bed, Saki said mysteriously that when you dreamt about people, it was because their mind went into your dreams. Sae turned to ask about what this meant, but Saki wasn't there.

Sae went to go look but Saki wasn't anywhere in the house. Back in Sae's room, Sae saw Takeo in her bedroom, flying a broom. Sae took his hand, and they flew around town on a date. Sae asked if they should use magic so carelessly, because Takeo said that this was only a dream so it didn't matter. Sae got very close to Takeo on the broom and she was very happy.

They flew to the school, and Takeo used his wand to paint a ribbon of color on it. Then he gave it to Sae, and Sae painted rainbows and childish figures all over the building.

More strange things happened that night to Sae. It was hard to tell what was dreamt and what was real.

Sae woke up the next morning and went to school. Everybody was staring at the school because they said somebody painted something weird, but kind of cool on it. Sae and Takeo saw that it was their painting. The two of them said at the same time, "It wasn't a dream?!" Then they got very embarrassed.

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