Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 7

Sae, a Tomato, and the Dance of the Paintbrush
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From what I can tell, the school will remain painted for the rest of the series.

They were discussing the cultural festival. The others were embarrassed by last years' festival, where they dressed in uniform and paraded the hallways looking stupid.

Sae wanted to make a fortune telling room, but with real magic. She worked very hard on the ideas.

However, Nanaka had to be in the film club for a presentation of their new independant film. She seemed to be very upset about it. She ran up to Sae wearing a white dress, and had red stuff splatter all over it. Sae and Takeo screamed, but Nanaka said that a tomato had been splattered on it. She told Sae that it was related to the film, and she didn't want to be in it anymore. However, Nanaka said that she was also the announcer for the Culture Festival. She was only going to have a little time.

Ayanojou was going to be in the drama club (although the tennis club wanted him too). He was also going to be very busy.

Takeo was busy arguing with Mizuha about not turning the magic club room into a waiting room for the manga club.

Akane would have time, but she always fooled around and Nanaka said not to rely on her.

Sae went outside and was watching the archway being painted for the culture festival. She said that she always loved the archway, because when she walked through it, it was like to another world. The guy who was painting it gave her the paint brush and told her to finish it. He said that he was busy with other club duties, and she seemed to be interested in it. Sae was flustered, but he had left before she could complain.

The archway was very big, and Sae didn't know how to paint all of it in time. She remembered the magic that she used on the school, so she enchanted the paint brushes to move on their own. In the end, she made a sign that was full of colors and cutesy childish people dancing around on it.

The guy returned and said that she was pretty good. He wanted her to finish, and maybe join his club, the art club. But Sae quickly said that she was in another club and ran away. The guy noticed that it wasn't totally finished, and said that it was too bad.

Sae got depressed, and she told Takeo later that she thought that maybe nobody would be in the club anymore. Takeo walked home, feeling bad. But then the mysterious girl said to him that it wasn't good. When Takeo looked again, the girl was gone, and Takeo thought that it was a ghost and ran home.

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