Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 9

Kimonos, Short Skirts, and the Age of Joy
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In the audio visual room, you could hear Sae and Nanaka talking.
"Just let me do it slowly."
"Oh, oh, it hurts! Ouch!"
"Just relax..."
It turned out that Sae and Nanaka were carrying heavy equipment around the room. Sae dropped a whole projector into Nanaka's hands. Nanaka looked like she was going to collapse and began gasping.

Sae asked her what she wanted, but Nanaka couldn't talk. Sae thought that she wanted her to finish up the classroom attendance records. Then she ran out of the room leaving Nanaka looking horrified.

While she was in the teacher's room, the mysterious "girl" from the Cultural Festival (and her dreams) passed by her. Sae became very shocked and tried to follow her but she vanished.

Sae showed Nanaka a stick figure drawing of the person. Nanaka couldn't tell who it was. But she was skeptical that the person existed at all, but Sae insisted that she wasn't seeing things or dreaming. She looked out the window and saw him. Nanaka didn't know who she was gesturing, but Sae said that the person was wearing short shorts. (I.e., a P.E. outfit for boys).

They went to talk to Akane, but then the mysterious boy appeared and told her that the teacher wanted to see her. Sae realized that was him, and he was very bishounen. Akane for some reason couldn't remember anything about the boy, other than his name, Jurika Jinno. Although he had been in class all year, she didn't recall anything about him. Akane said that it was because she never paid attention to anything in class.

Later, Akane asked if he would do her a favor. She took him to an empty hallway, and began feeling him up (!!). Akane told him not to get the wrong impression. He replied, "And what is that?"

She said, "If you don't know, then never mind."

But Akane asked him for another favor...

After school, Sae and Nanaka were packing up to leave. Nanaka was still carrying the doll of Ayanojou at the bottom of her bag. When she saw it, she quickly closed her bag, and got a little depressed.

Sae said that she had the courage to ask Akane for some information about the boy. Akane said that she would take Nanaka and Sae to where he was. Then she took them to a large movie studio. She pushed the two of them into a dressing room, and Akane left.

The two girls were forced to wear kimonos. Then the announcer said that they were starting the talent search for the next actress for an upcoming movie called "The Age of Joy". Although Sae and Nanaka didn't know the lead actress, Azusa Amano, she looked very much like Akane.

Sae was so nervous that she acted very silly on stage. But when the last actress appeared, she said that she was Akane Aikawa. It was really Jurika and everybody knew it. However, the "girl" said, "Don't you recognize me, mother?" to the actress.

Sae told Nanaka later that it was an amazing coincidence that there were two people named Akane Aikawa. Nanaka got mad and said that there weren't, and that Akane had tricked them into doing something for her.

Akane had spent the afternoon fooling around town.

Saki and her boyfriend were shopping around town. They were looking at some cheap rings from a vendor...

But a strange doorway appeared before Akane, and before she knew it, she was sucked into it.

Akane appeared on stage of the casting studio. She looked bewildered. Azusa said that she hoped that she memorized her lines. She gave a sentence to start for the lead girl. But instead, Akane answered in her mother's lines instead. The two of them continued the dialogue, until it was the daughter's turn to leave. Akane didn't stop her, however. Azusa said that a professional actress never quits until the director says cut. Akane said that she wasn't an actress and said that she had no interest in this. Then she left. The casting director was incredibly disappointed because she was so full of talent.

Jurika found Sae and said that he wanted to take her someplace special. They ran for a long time until Sae asked to stop.

Jurika introduced himself as Jurika Jinno. Sae kept calling him "Jinno-kun", but he wanted to be called Jurika. Sae wouldn't call him that (because she didn't want to look like she was "familiar" with him).

Sae began stammering like usual. Jurika said that he didn't like to her stumble. Sae apologized, and Jurika said that he didn't like to hear her apologize either. Sae grew very quiet.

Jurika then leaned over to her and hugged her. He said that he loved her. Sae became very shocked. Sae then realized that she was back in the bathroom and Nanaka was yelling at her to hurry up.

I believe that Akane won the competition. She seems to have patched things up between her mom and herself.

That night, Nanaka complained that Akane tricked them. She said that Sae didn't even get to talk to the boy. But Sae quickly mumbled that it was okay. Then Nanaka said that she should speak clearly when talking to people. Sae started to say "I'm sorry", but then quickly covered her mouth. Nanaka couldn't figure out why Sae was acting strange.

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