Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 10

Snow, the Colt, and the First Kiss
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Sae was waiting at the airport for her sister, saying that she was late. Saki showed up with her boyfriend. Then Saki got out of the car, and kissed him before she left. Sae got very embarrassed.

On the flight, Saki said that she shouldn't be so mad at her for being a few minutes late. Sae said that she wasn't mad, but Saki said that she was mumbling to herself for five minutes. She asked if Micky-sempai (or Miki-sempai) was one of her boyfriends. Sae turned red and before she could stop herself, Sae said that she didn't have boyfriends that she went around kissing like her.

Sae thought to herself that Micky was in the Magic Club before she arrived in the school. She was already a third-year student when Sae was a first-year. She was very talented at magic (Takeo looked very jealous), and she was also an expert at tennis. She graduated and went to England for college. Sae admires Micky very much, and she hopes to aspire to her level.

[Kev's Note: If you recall, the show starts with Sae being in her second year already. This means that the events involving Micky occurred before the OAV series started. However, this doesn't really make sense if you look at the original story.]

At school, Takeo stumbled to Sae's classroom, hoping that he would be able to ask Sae out. But Nanaka said that she wasn't here, but in Hokkaido attending her cousin's wedding. Takeo thought to himself that it was a wasted effort to gather courage for nothing, but he was relieved that since she was just with her family, he still had time to make his move.

Sae and Saki made it to Hokkaido. Sae grew up on a farm, and her parents raise racehorses. Sae asked to see Nikol (or Nicole, I believe). Nikol was a colt that Sae witnessed being born the last time she was home. Nikol seemed happy to see her, but then began chewing on her head. Sae got flustered and said, "Why do all the horses like playing with my hair?"

It started to snow in Hokkaido. Sae was walking around by herself with a push broom. She wondered if she could fly by herself. She concentrated and she managed to fly on the push broom even without the magic wand. Sae was proud of herself, and said that she was getting good at flying. Jurika appeared behind her and told her that magic was fun, and she should continue using more and more magic. But when Sae looked behind her, there wasn't anybody there.

Ayanojou went to the club room and said that he couldn't make it to the meeting due to a family thing. Takeo said that if it was with his mother, then it must be tough. (If you recall, Ayanojou doesn't get along with his mom very much). Then Ayanojou began fawning all over Takeo, saying that they were "connected". Takeo was screaming that everybody knew about him and his mom.

But then they started talking about 3rd year students. Ayanojou said that high school wouldn't last forever, and asked what did he wanted to do about college and later in life. Takeo said that he was taking some preparation tests. But then he started talking about magic, saying that he didn't really understand the basics. It sounded like he didn't have any clear goals.

Nanaka saw Ayanojou leave. Without Sae to convince her, she said that she didn't want to go to the club meeting.

Takeo was getting frustrated with trying to decipher the script in his Grimoire. Jurika came in and said that it was an older edition, and it had many mistakes in it. Takeo was surprised that he knew about magic. But Jurika got very close to Takeo, and his heart started to beat very fast.

Takeo became very worried that maybe he was becoming gay. He quickly wrote the character "person" on his hand and "ate" it. For you folks that don't know, this is a Japanese childhood charm to prevent something bad to happen to you.

Then Takeo asked if Jurika would join the magic club.

During dinner, everybody teased Sae, saying that the horses all loved Sae's head because of its shape. Sae got mad, saying that she only got her hair from her father.

They continued to talk about the wedding the next day. Out of the blue, Saki mentioned that she wasn't going to have a wedding so ornate. Everybody became shocked, and they couldn't tell if this was an announcement or not. Saki only smiled.

That night, Sae recalled seeing Saki kiss her boyfriend. She touched her lips as she thought about it. Then she saw Jurika floating outside her bedroom window. She opened the window and he said that they should use more and more magic. He said that magic can make all their dreams come true. Then Jurika leaned in close to Sae and kissed her. When Sae looked again, Jurika flew away and vanished.

Sae became very nervous and ran to the telephone. She called up Takeo and mentioned Jurika. Takeo said that he had asked Jurika to join the magic club. Then Sae mentioned that he was in Hokkaido, but Takeo said that it was impossible as he was just at school a few hours ago. Sae couldn't tell him what happened in her bedroom.

Then Takeo said that he had great news. He said that Jurika was a genius at magic, and he accepted to join the club. Sae screamed that he couldn't join, but then she quickly said that she didn't mean it.

Later, Sae wondered if using magic all the time was a good thing.

The next day, somebody called out Nanaka by her first name. She thought that it was Sae, but saw that it was Jurika. She tried talking to him, but he just walked away from her. Nanaka was furious that somebody called her by her first name so casually.

Then Nanaka saw Ayanojou. She got happy and said good morning to him. He just turned and said, "Yeah..." and walked away without doing anything else. Nanaka looked at the ground, and tears welled up in her eyes.

At the wedding reception, the family was watching Ikumi, Sae's cousin, dance with her new husband. Saki leaned over and whispered that she was going to be a more beautiful bride. Then she winked and put her finger to her lips.

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