Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 11

Akane-chan, the Mirror, and the End of the Year Sale
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Sae walked into the magic club. Takeo was just introducing Jurika to the rest of the magic club.

Afterwards, Nanaka didn't really like how Jurika called her by her first name, as if he knew her. Sae said that it was okay, as he called her by her first name. But then she got all embarrassed, and Nanaka didn't understand.

Later, Takeo and Jurika were going through the Grimoire trying to translate some passages. Mizuha and her cronies were walking by talking about how their upcoming manga, "The Dream Man". Mizuha saw Jurika and Takeo getting close to each other, and she got jealous because she thought that Jurika was a girl.

At the same time, Jurika appeared next to Nanaka. She told Nanaka that she should use magic to get all the things that she wanted--including Ayanojou. Nanaka asked how did he know that, but he was already gone.

Ayanojou was waiting for his mom, but then Jurika showed up. Jurika teased him, saying that he looked like he was waiting for his lover. Ayanojou said that he was waiting only for his mom. But Jurika got him to slip out that he liked a particular female underclassman. When Ayanojou looked again, Jurika was gone. However, his mom was there and completely freaked out, demanding to know who was the girl that was stealing him away from her.

Akane saw a poster of herself advertising an end of the year sale. It showed her wearing a skimpy, sexy Christmas outfit with a bow on it. The poster had the words, "I feel like letting loose!" Jurika confronted her and said that she didn't know what she wanted. He said that magic could get her all of her desires at once. Then he vanished.

The next day, Nanaka and Ayanojou thought about what Jurika said to them. They didn't want to go to the club meeting.

Akane thought about what Jurika said too. She got angry thinking about how Sae always told her not to use magic for selfish reasons. She pointed her wand at her image in a mirror and screamed, "Be quiet!" Then something strange happened, as if the reflection was somehow alive.

Sae appeared and told her that she shouldn't use magic that way. Akane released all of her fury. She said that she had no right to tell her what she couldn't do. Sae said that this was true, but she was worried about her doing something bad. Akane left in a huff.

Mizuha harassed Sae and Takeo outside the magic club. Mizuha said that she was going to take back half of their room because the club was going to get smaller next year. Takeo got very angry saying that she only liked picking on him every since childhood. She totally denied it.

However, the other club members wondered if Takeo was actually the "Dream Man" from Mizuha's manga. They thought that maybe she was always mean to him because she liked him.

Takeo said that he had it, and he was going to tell her exactly how he felt. He started up, but then he hesitated for a long time. Mizuha walked away. Then Takeo said in a whisper, "I won't forgive you." Takeo noticed that Mizuha wasn't there anymore, and he thought that this was a great victory over his childhood bully. Sae just said that she was going to look for the others and left.

Akane was walking outside and the advertisement posters began talking to her. They were all saying her secret desires, but her wants were always changing. The images of Akane started coming out of the posters taunting her. Akane started running away from them, but she ended up in front of the main store. The store had a huge poster banner of Akane on it. Akane got furious and yelled at the poster, "What do I want?" Then Akane was covered in a bright light.

Sae was walking around outside. She wondered what Takeo was going to say (the part that she didn't hear). She saw Mizuha by a tree. Mizuha looked very sad, but she quickly changed her expression when she saw Sae. Without making eye contact, Mizuha walked quickly away from Sae.

Nanaka decided that she had to go to the club after all. She went in the room, but saw nobody inside but Ayanojou. They started talking. Nanaka mentioned that last year, she mentioned that she liked him, but... Then Ayanojou changed the subject.

Sae came back in the room. The two of them got very uncomfortable when Sae asked if they were in the room alone. Ayanojou quickly left after that. Sae asked Nanaka if she still liked him. Nanaka said that was ridiculous. But Sae insisted, saying that she should tell him, and she could make her wish come true. Nanaka told her to be quiet, and slapped her. Both Sae and Nanaka were shocked at what happened. Then Nanaka ran out of the room.

Sae was going to cry, but then Jurika appeared and told her not to cry. Then he tried to kiss her again. Sae pushed him away at the last second, but Takeo had seen what had happened. He quickly said that there was no meeting today, and left before Sae could explain.

Outside, Akane had turned into a giant. She was wearing the outfit that she wore in the advertisement. She seemed to be walking around aimlessly around town, much to the fear of the other residents.

Sae was sitting outside feeling sorry for herself, but she saw Akane scaring the neighborhood. Sae looked and noticed that she had left her wand back at the club room.

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