Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 12

The Kite, the Whirlwind, and Miki
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    Because I watched this series very quickly, I can't remember which details were with which episode in particular. I hope that I have them in the right order. If I have the details wrong, then I apologize.
Akane is still walking around the city in her giant form, even though she is still wearing a rather skimpy outfit. (She's dressed like a present, with a ribbon around her middle). She's talking to herself about what she wants to do right now, in the future, and with her life. She doesn't seem to know the answer to anything.

The town is mystified at this "giant" that has appeared in the city. Sae is trying to help her. She looks around and sees a takoyaki salesman. She asks him if she can borrow his sign, and he agrees--mostly because he is too shocked by Akane to really think clearly. Sae steps in the back alley and uses the magic wand to make the sign fly like a broom. She rides it and goes up to Akane and starts talking to her. Akane seems to be lost in a dream, and only hears a "buzzing" in her ear.

Nanaka and Ayanojou accidentally run into each other in the train station. There's some uncomfortable feelings between the two, but then they notice that Akane is walking around the city with Sae chasing her on a sign. They decide that they need to help.

Eventually, Sae, Nanaka, Ayanojou, and Takeo are together on the scene. They are using their magic openly since it's too late to cover up who they are. Sae tries talking to Akane, because for some reason she won't listen to anybody else.

Akane sees Sae and thinks that it's a "doll". She grabs it and begins swinging it around like a toy, with Sae yelling the entire time. Then she takes Sae's arm and waves it around saying, in a mocking voice, "Akane-chan, you shouldn't be using magic for personal gain."

But then Akane gets a very sad face. "Why don't you get angry? Why don't you yell at me?" Sae just looks confused. Then Akane drops Sae and Nanaka and the others barely catch her in time.

Sae tells Akane that it's dangerous to stay as she is, and they are all her friends. Sae says that they all love her, and maybe together they can work all of this out. Akane thinks about it, and suddenly becomes aware of what has happened.

In an instant, Akane shrinks back to normal size, although she is still wearing her illicit outfit. All of the posters around town change to what Akane was wearing earlier (a school uniform with a heavy coat).

Jurika appears and says that the fun ended. But Miki (I'll call her "Miki" instead of Micky) appears and says that he's the cause of all this trouble. Miki begins using very powerful offensive magic to attack Jurika. But the magic just bounces off of Jurika. Jurika says, "Isn't it fun? Using magic like this..."

Miki says, "That's something that Sae would say."

Jurika then laughs and vanishes.

Sae is overwhelmingly happy to see Miki in Japan again.

Miki says that she came to "rescue the princess from the evil wizard". But then she says that there is no evil wizard. Nobody seems to understand. Miki says that Jurika isn't a real person, but Sae's magic in physical form.

Sae becomes very shocked. She realizes that her magic is so powerful that it has become dangerous. Sae yells out, with tears in her eyes, that she will quit the magic club. The others in the club are surprised at Sae's announcement.

At the manga club, Mizuha is having trouble writing the conclusion. In it, the heroine says, "I love you" to the man that she always loved, but was too afraid to tell him. She stops, and hides the sheet. Since the others are watching, she yells out that her art materials are substandard, and tells her two cronies to go and get her a new eraser.

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