Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 13

Sae's Magic, Sae's Feelings, Forever
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    Because I watched this series very quickly, I can't remember which details were with which episode in particular. I hope that I have them in the right order. If I have the details wrong, then I apologize.
Takeo asks Miki if she came because of Sae's letters to her. Miki says that she was only here for the tennis tournament, and she was going back in a week or so. She just happened to notice the disturbance in the area and she helped.

Sae was at home listening to her sister talk on the phone in the next room. Saki is yelling into the phone at her boyfriend. It sounds like Saki is going to break up.

Sae is thinking about all the things happening with her life. She is deeply upset over everything. "I don't need magic anymore," she says. "I hate magic."

Saki comes into Sae's room (I forgot why, maybe because she heard a noise) but she only sees a glowing figure of Sae floating out of the window--and then she vanishes.

At each of the magic club members' home, a ghostly figure of Sae appears floating outside their window. Sae begins talking out loud, as if you could hear her thoughts. Her eyes are not focused on anything.

Sae says that when she first came to the school as a first year student, she felt so out of place. But then she found the magic club, and realized that she could do magic. She says that she hoped that it would be the one thing that she could do in her life well. Along the way, she met the others, and she became good friends with them. She says that now this has all changed. She says that it's okay, because she doesn't need the magic anymore. It's okay if she's not with the magic club... or never sees Takakura-sempai again...

Then Sae vanishes.

The club members call each other on the cellular phones and realized that they all saw the same thing. They are determined to find Sae.

At home, Saki has had her boyfriend come over on his motorcycle. "Please help me find my sister," she says to him.

Sae seems to be held in some fancy European house. She doesn't know where she is, and she wonders if she is there because she is being punished. She sits in a chair feeling sorry for herself. She says that she is useless, and can stay here forever.

The others are wandering all over town. They keep yelling out for Sae, but of course she doesn't answer.

Nanaka and Ayanojou run into each other again. They both say at the same time that they are sorry for how they were behaving. Nanaka says that she was being wishy-washy. Ayanojou said that he was afraid of being hurt.

Sae somehow overhears the cries of her friends. She says that she wants to get out of the house.

At the same time, a magic portal appears where each of her friends are located. Sakura petals float down slowly from the sky. Takeo says, "Of course!" Then he calls the others and tells them where to meet him.

Sae runs up to the doors and opens them. But only a short distance away, there is another set of doors. She keeps opening them but more doors appear. As she's running down the infinite hallway, she yells out, "Please let me out..." More doors.

"I want to tell them the truth..." More doors.

In a shout, she says, "I'll tell Takakura-sempai how I really feel about him!" as she opened another set of doors. She saw herself standing outside in a field of sakura trees.

Just then, Takeo showed up at the site. They were out by the mountains, next to the large sakura tree from episode 1. The tree glittered from all the magic in it.

Takeo went up to Sae. He had a lot of trouble, but eventually said very quietly, "Sawanoguchi-kun... suki." (I "like" you). Sae blushes and eventually said, "Takakura-sempai... atashi... DAISUKI." (I love you). Takeo turned all red and got all excited.

Then Nanaka and the others appeared. Nanaka hugged Sae tightly. Nanaka and Sae began crying. Nanaka apologized for hitting her, and said that she was being true to her feelings. Sae said that it was her fault too.

Then Sae said, "Nanaka... DAISUKI!!" Takeo was surprised that she would use "daisuki" that way.

Sae continued, "Aburatsubo-sempai... daisuki!! Akane-chan... daisuki!"

The others reponded with "Daisuki!" to each other.

Takeo was shocked and muttered quietly to himself, "When you told me that you loved me a little while ago, did you really mean...?"

Sae said the magic words. Without any broom or any objects to support her, Sae floated in the air. She began talking to the sakura tree, saying that she was thankful for the help. Then Jurika appeared. Jurika said that it was going away now. It wasn't going to talk to her again. Sae said that it was okay if it wanted to come back as Jurika. Then she said, "Welcome home, Sae's magic." She held out her arms, and the magic went back into Sae.

Nanaka said that maybe Jurika was only trying to force the club members to be honest about their feelings.

Saki got called from her cell phone. She said that she was glad that Sae got found. Then she looked at her boyfriend, who was helping her look. They smiled at each other, as if they had things patched up again.

Then Sae said that she was going to stay in the club.

Akane pulled off her coat revealing her magic club uniform. "Let's all fly home!" as she held out her broom.

Nanaka asked, "Why are you wearing your uniform?"

Akane said, "This is a club meeting, isn't it?"

Then they all flew home on their brooms, with everybody wearing their uniform.

At the manga club, Mizuha's manga was making everybody cry from the story. In it, the heroine left the boy instead of confessing. The heroine said that she thought that it was true love, but it was all a lie. She was going to search the world to find her real dream man.

The manga club members said that it was the best work ever. Then Mizuha told the club members that romance manga bored her. She said that they were going to do science fiction manga next.

Miki went back to the U.S. to study again.

Later, the magic club was practicing balancing on the jungle gym bars, just like the first episode of the OAV.

In Hokkaido, Sae's mom and dad were pulling out old stuff. They were commenting on an old dollhouse that Sae had. They said that she always loved to play with it when she was little. The dollhouse was European looking, and the rooms inside looked like the mansion where Sae was being held prisoner.

Sitting in one of the chairs of the house was a little female doll. Next to her was a wizard figure.

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