Sotsugyou III Wedding Bell Memorial Book

卒業III メモリアルブック

ISBN 4-87719-585-8
released 1998.04.25
1500 yen+tax

This book gives a lot of details about the game Sotsugyou III. There are lots of color pictures from the game (including all of the date pictures). There are also pictures and messages from the five seiyuu (one page each), and one page on the Sotsugyou III Hinamatsuri Concert.

The book is divided up as follows.

  • character introduction
  • events (dates)
  • seiyuu introduction and live report
  • details about the game system
  • character drawings
  • interviews with the staff (Kubota Masayoshi and Shirai Tamotsu)

The first 64 pages (up through the seiyuu stuff) is in color, and the rest is monochrome.

The character introduction section has 4 pages per character, with lots of pictures. There are pictures of each character as a student (sailor fuku), wife (at home), and going out (both summer and winter outfits).

The events section has 6 pages per character. It gives the student's starting scores for each subject, plus the amount that it goes up after studying that subject. It also gives the four possible endings, the various events, and the scores needed to get them. Also all of the date images are printed on two pages.

There is one page per seiyuu, with a small color picture, and a handwritten message by the seiyuu. Then there is a one page report on the Hinamatsuri Concert (9 small pictures).

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