Sotsugyou III Hinamatsuri concert

Event Sotsugyou III Hinamatsuri concert
Location Club Citta (Kawasaki)
Date 1998.03.01
Time 17:00 - 19:10
Seiyuu Guests Nakayama Manami (中山真奈美)
Furuyama Ayumi (古山あゆみ)
Nehashi Mieko (根橋美絵子)
Komatsu Rika (小松里賀)
Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋)
Shimakata Junko (嶋方淳子)
Okada Junko (岡田純子)
Nishiguchi Yuka (西口有香)
Okamoto Asami (岡本麻見)
Makishima Yuki (牧島有希)
Konno Hiromi (今野宏美)
Suzuki Urarako (鈴木麗子)
Cost 4800 yen
  • Report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.03.03
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.04.20

The Sotsugyou III Hinamatsuri concert took place on March 1, 1998, at the Club Citta in Kawasaki. The concert featured the five seiyuu from the game Sotsugyou III, but Shimakata Junko and the Usagi Gumi also came as special guests.

It seems that the Usagi Gumi were called in at the last minute to boost the sale of tickets.. If they weren't there, the crowd would have been less that half of what it was. I think there were around 400 people there.
I had ticket number 21, so I was in the second row, to the left.
[I wanted to be close to Okada Junko, as she stands on the left... (^_^;)]

The event was split up into two parts: introduction of Sotsugyou III and concert. In between those parts, there was some talk by Kubota Masayoshi of Marcus, and the Usagi Gumi.

Sotsugyou III introduction

In the first part, the five main seiyuu of Sotsugyou III and Shimakata Junko introduced the Sotsugyou III game. They showed slides (game screens, character pictures, etc) on the screen, and the seiyuu did some of the voices of their character.

Nakayama Manami was wearing a very cute, frilly one piece, which had a teddy bear sewn on it.
[Later she said that this was her own clothes..]

The five seiyuu were also wearing wedding rings on their ring finger (as this was a game where the girls are married to their teacher).

Chiaki is the youngest (20 years old) in the group.


After the Sotsugyou III seiyuu left, Shimakata Junko and Kubota Masayoshi talked about Sotsugyou III. Masayoshi said that Sotsugyou III will be delayed a little.. and will go on sale in April (instead of March). He said that they had to think of 10 character personalities for this game, as the five girls had two personalities each (one at home and one outside).

Shimakata Junko asked if there were any female developers for this (and other games that Masayoshi had worked on). Masayoshi said that there weren't. (^_^;)

Then the Usagi Gumi girls came for a very short talk show.

Concert and talk

Then the second part of the event began.

There were five stand mikes on the stage, and the five Sotsugyou III girls came out wearing matching outfits. A white polo shirt and a very short checkered skirt.

The concert opened with the five girls singing Happy Bell.

After the song, they said, "Please think up a name for our group." They wanted a name for their group.

Then there was a little talk between each of the songs, as each girl sang the image song of their character. They also wore clothes that fit the image of their Sotsugyou III characters.

Furuyama Ayumi sang Amai Jealousy.

Nakayama Manami sang Namida Bashi. Manami was wearing a kimono top, and skirt. (I didn't like this outfit.)

Shimakata Junko came onto the stage to talk with the Sotsugyou III seiyuu. They talked about their rehearsals for this concert. They rehearsed for about one month. They also talked about the recording of their songs.

Nehashi Mieko sang Koibito Tachi no Road Show.

Takahashi Chiaki sang Blue Bird.

Komatsu Rika sang Kon'ya ha Curry.

The last song was Tenshi no Kuchibiru by all five girls.


After about a minute of "encore!" calls, the Usagi Gumi came out as an "omake" to sing two songs. The first song was Itsuka Kitto Ieruhazu by Okada Junko, Okamoto Asami, and Konno Hiromi. They were wearing the same clothes as in the New Year Happy Day event.

Okada Junko had two short tails in her hair like Adachi Taeko, VERY CUTE!

The second song was Crescent Moon by Nishiguchi Yuka, Makishima Yuki, and Suzuki Urarako.

After these two songs, the Usagi Gumi talked for a little bit.

Then the final song was Happy Bell by the five Sotsugyou III girls. This time they were all wearing Sotsugyou III T-shirts. (These T-shirts had a monochrome print of the five seiyuu on the front, and were on sale in the lobby.)

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