Omoide no School Days, Endou Akira

Kaettekita Sentimental Night, 1998.06.30
Omoide no School Days 2, track 6
Someone was playing the piano in the school music room. Akira went in and found her teacher playing the piano. She was surprised that her teacher would be practicing. But her teacher said that she was practicing because she was going to play during the graduation ceremony.

When Akira asked if her teacher ever thought of becoming a pro, the teacher said that there was a time when she dreamed about it. But like a Cinderella, she woke up from her dream and gave it up. But she said that Akira was a real Cinderella, so she should really go for it.

Later, the teacher found out that Akira was going abroad to study music. She told Akira to do her best. Then the teacher asked if Akira would play with her at the end of the graduation ceremony, and Akira said that it was a great idea.

"Let's make is a music performance that everyone will remember forever."

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