Omoide no School Days 2

NONE Sentimental Graffiti
Omoide no School Days 2

Marine Entertainment MACM-1011
2625 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.08.01
total time 52:52

The tracks are:

1. 5:34 Nagakura Emiru
2. 5:29 Yamamoto Rurika
3. 5:47 Adachi Taeko
4. 6:08 Sugihara Manami
5. 5:07 Matsuoka Chie
6. 5:24 Endou Akira
7. 19:23 omake drama

The first pressing of this CD comes with a sheet of stickers.

This CD contains the drama that was aired on the Kaettekita Sentimental Night radio show.

The last track is a drama with the six girls meeting at Seika University. The six girls met each other on the day of the entrance exam.

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