Omoide no School Days, Sugihara Manami

Kaettekita Sentimental Night, 1998.06.16
Omoide no School Days 2, track 4
A girl that she had never seen before, Sakura Eriko (class D), went up to talk to Manami. Eriko had also gotten accepted to Seika Joshi University, and she had seen Manami's name on the listing of people who got accepted.

Eriko said that she was anxiously waiting to see if anyone else from their school was going to Seika, but Manami said that she wasn't that interested in other people going to the same university.

Eriko said that Seika Joshi University is still new, but the high school was very traditional and popular. (^_^;)

Eriko said that she wanted to become friends with people going to the same school, because she would be going to a new place. Then Manami said that she was scared of living alone, because she was very weak. Eriko said that she would help out.

Then Eriko suggested that they start jogging, so Manami can build up her strength.

The next day Eriko was waiting for Manami. But Manami didn't come. So Eriko was about to leave. She thought that Manami didn't like her. But then Manami came.

Manami had gone to see the nurse, and tell her that she was going to start training. Manami also told Eriko that she didn't dislike her. She said she wanted to become friends.

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