Sentimental Graffiti Desktop Accessory

NONE センチメンタル・グラフティ Desktop Accessory

Movic MMCR-0008
4800 yen (tax not included)
released 1998.04.end


This is the second CD-ROM for Sentimental Graffiti. It's made for Windows95.

It contains a calendar program, 12 calculator programs, 12 clock programs, and 12 sets of Word template files.

The CD-ROM case comes in a larger clear plastic case, containing the CD-ROM case and another cardboard case. Inside the other case are 12 collectors cards (MCD-19 to MCD-30).


There is one calendar program which displays one month at a time. The default setting has the SG girl with the birthday in that month. But you can set it to the same girl every month if you like.

You can set the calendar to speak a message each day. The default settings only have the character's birthdays, the seiyuu's birthdays, and national holidays. There are 20 or so preset messages that you can choose out of.

Even if you set the calendar to be one specific girl every month, the messages are voiced by the character who has her birthday that month..


There are 12 calculator programs, one for each character. The functions are just plus, minus, times, and divide. But the calculator talks with each button push. The clear button toggles between Japanese and English.

For the equal button (only in Japanese mode), the girls say several things (comes out randomly).

One of Emiru's lines is, "Wakannai ryuun." (^_^;)

Also some of the girls have more than one line for the clear button too.

All the girls say, "by" for the times button in English mode..
[Their CD Sentimental Graffiti 3x4 The Other Seasons is read "3 by 4".]


There are 12 clock programs, one for each character. It's a simple digital clock with a picture of the character.

You can set the clock to talk at 30 minute intervals. The default messages are the correct times at those times. Some of the choices that you can put in are: good morning (3 patterns), various meals, appointments, time to sleep (a few patterns), time for a bath, time to feed the bird (Manami), etc..

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