Yamamoto Rurika

Yamamoto Rurika
Banpresto BPPZ1001
light blue CD
total time 9:17
released 1997.10.??

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:36 Rurika's letter to "player"
  2. 1:47 [short song] Mizuiro no Houseki
  3. 4:40 [karaoke] Mizuiro no Houseki
  4. 0:44 answering machine message by Rurika
  5. 1:30 talk by Konno Hiromi (今野宏美)


Sorry for writing this letter. I can't say it on the phone. I want to see you once more. There is something I have to talk to you about. I'm waiting for you.
Yamamoto Rurika


Rurika was working at the convenince store. She won't come home until evening, and she wants you to call back.


Rurika interviewed Hiromi about her song recording. She had a weird dance (a penguin dance - moving hands up and down at the side of the body) when singing. She wants everyone to do that when listening.

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