Sentimental Graffiti UFO catcher CD

The following are the Sentimental Graffiti UFO catcher CDs from CD Collection 2. Each "box" is a folding cardboard container with a gold card and a colored CD single. The gold card has a profile of the girl on a shiny gold front, and the back of the card has a picture of all girls. (The back is the same as CD Collection 1. )

Each CD single has five tracks.

  1. letter to boy
  2. song [short version]
  3. karaoke
  4. answering machine message
  5. seiyuu talk

[Honoka] [Emiru] [Manami] [Wakana] [Kaho] [Chie]

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(c) NECインターチャネル/マーカス/サイベル/コミックス イラスト:甲斐智久
(c) NEC Interchannel, Marcus, Cybelle, Comix, illustrated by Kai Tomohisa