Nanase Yuu

Nanase Yuu
Banpresto BPPZ1002
dark pink CD
total time 12:46
released 1997.10.??

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:43 Yuu's letter to "player"
  2. 2:21 [short song] Only Lonely Star
  3. 4:37 [karaoke] Only Lonely Star
  4. 0:55 answering machine message by Yuu
  5. 4:10 talk by Nishiguchi Yuka (西口有香)


I'm sorry I surprised you. I don't like phone calls, so I decided to write. I want to see you again. There something I have to tell you. I want you to come see me. I'll be waiting at that hill.
Nanase Yuu


Yuu is on a trip. "If it's 'you' you would know why I went on a trip. Maybe we might be able to meet during my trip."


Yuka did a short skit, "if Nishiguchi Yuka was your girl friend" with the "good" Yuka, "normal" Yuka, and "bad" Yuka. (^_^;) The "good" Yuka spoke very nicely and gently. She was very polite.
[I never knew Yuka can do such a cute voice.]

The "normal" Yuka was genki and like a typical high school (or college) girl. The "bad" Yuka spoke in some Kansai-ben, and was very strong willed.
[This was very funny..]

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