Nagakura Emiru

Nagakura Emiru
Banpresto BPPZ1009
yellow CD
total time 11:11
released 1998.01.14

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:40 Emiru's letter to "player"
  2. 2:00 [short song] Watashi no Moto he Ai ni Kite
  3. 4:20 [karaoke] Watashi no Moto he Ai ni Kite
  4. 0:51 answering machine message by Emiru
  5. 3:18 talk by Maeda Ai (前田愛)


I was thinking about calling, but I was a little embarrassed. So I wrote this letter. I have to see you. There's something I have to talk to you about. Please come to Sendai on Sunday. I'll be waiting at that park.
Nagakura Emiru


Emiru was out, but will return in the afternoon. She wants you to call back.


Ai talked in Emiru's voice. She said that she wanted everyone to sing Emiru's song.

Then she went back to her own voice, and talked about the time she returned to her home, back in Kobe. Ai talked about her "teacher" who died recently..

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(c) NECインターチャネル/マーカス/サイベル/コミックス イラスト:甲斐智久
(c) NEC Interchannel, Marcus, Cybelle, Comix, illustrated by Kai Tomohisa