Sawatari Honoka

Sawatari Honoka
Banpresto BPPZ1007
pink CD
total time 9:58
released 1998.01.14

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:46 Honoka's letter to "player"
  2. 2:14 [short song] Long Distance Call
  3. 4:11 [karaoke] Long Distance Call
  4. 0:51 answering machine message by Honoka
  5. 1:54 talk by Suzuki Mariko (鈴木麻里子)


Were you surprised by my letter? I was thinking about calling, but I didn't have the courage to call. There's something I have to talk to you about. Please come see me on Sunday. I'll be waiting at that place of our memories.
Sawatari Honoka


Honoka was out with her father. She wants you to call back.


Mariko talked about a boy who confessed to her when she was in junior high. He was very shy and never talked to her. Mariko was also shy, so the only way they communicated was by writing letters to each other.

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