Morii Kaho

Morii Kaho
Banpresto BPPZ1011
bright green CD
total time 10:41
released 1998.01.14

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:38 Kaho's letter to "player"
  2. 2:13 [short song] Kimi ga Ireba..
  3. 4:38 [karaoke] Kimi ga Ireba..
  4. 0:45 answering machine message by Kaho
  5. 2:25 talk by Mannaka Yukiko (満仲由紀子)


Sorry sending you a letter. I could have called, but it was hard to call. I have to see you. I have something to tell you. Please come to Osaka. I'll be waiting for you at the stadium.
Morii Kaho


Kaho was helping out at the store. She wanted you to call back later.


Yukiko said that she realized that she was being supported by so many people at home (in Mie prefecture) and also in Tokyo. Yukiko just wanted everyone to be healthy and happy.

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