SG Girls' Live Memorials

SG Girls' Live Memorials

released 2000.09.01
8190 yen
175 minutes, one side, mpeg-2, NTSC

This DVD contains the video from the SG Girls 12 All's Last Concert LD and the Tour Making Speical video. I haven't actually seen the Tour Making video, so I can't be sure it's the same, but I assume it is.

This DVD contains 175 minutes of video. (100 minutes for the concert, and 75 minutes for the making of.) In addition, it contains the audio of all of the SG Girls' duet songs and Senti na Natsuyasumi and 1 Doz no Memory. It is a cheap alternative to getting the LD, video, and CDs. However since there is so much video on this DVD, the visual quality is not very good.

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