Sentimental Graffiti Memories of Summer Concert

センチメンタル・グラフティ Memories of Summer Concert

Marine Entertainment MV-5001
2000 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.01.31
(on sale at the event on 1998.01.17)
total time: 30 minutes

This is a limited edition video with interviews and behind the stage scenes of the Sentimental Graffiti summer concert which took place on 1997.08.27.

This video is narrated by Nishiguchi Yuka and Suzuki Urarako.


The first part has an interview with all 12 of the seiyuu, in the order that they sang during the concert: Suzuki Mariko, Mannaka Yukiko, Makishima Yuki, Maeda Ai, Nishiguchi Yuka, Oda Michiko, Okamoto Asami, Okada Junko, Konno Hiromi, Yonemoto Chizu, Suzuki Urarako, and Toyoshima Machiko.

Everyone was asked the same questions: What made you decide to become a seiyuu? What is your dream for the future? Each person's interview was around 1 minute.

Yuki and Asami said that they wanted to get together (duet) and release a CD.

Junko didn't like her own name, because she thought it was too common. Then one day someone said that it was like that of an actress, so she decided to be an actress. Then someone said that her voice was like that of a seiyuu, so Junko decided to be a seiyuu.

Urarako wants her voice to be widely recognized.

Machiko liked Nausicaa and was moved by it, so she wanted to do some work like that.

behind scenes

After the interview section, there were scenes from the rehearsals, and back stage scenes during the concert.

The first scenes were from a music studio where they were rehearsing about 10 days before the concert. They had to learn Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide in addition to their own songs. Yuka said that she listened to the tape so much that the tape wore out. Urarako said that she copied it to MD, so it sounds fine. Yuka said that she wanted a MD player.

The next scenes were from 8/23, where the girls were rehearsing, eating, and playing around. This was the first time that they did the rehearsal of the concert all the way. Also the girls were suddenly told to learn one more song! It was the happy birthday song, as it was Yonemoto Chizu's birthday that day.

The next scenes were from 8/26, one day before the concert. They all went to Ohmiya Sonic City, and had the rehearsal on the stage.

Junko and Urarako were doing the dances for the previous person's songs while they were waiting for their own songs.

The next scenes were from the day of the concert. Many of the girls were sitting around the sides of the stage, singing along to the opening song.

Urarako and Yuka said that they weren't that nervous for the drama part, as that it their "real" profession.

When the concert started, many girls were on the sides of the stage watching the song, and dancing along. Machiko was watching the crowd during Chizu's song.

After the concert ended, many of the girls were crying.

CM for 3x4

At the end, there was an advertisement for the 3x4 CD. There were short videos (monochrome) of the 12 seiyuu doing the recording for the songs (individually).

The first song was Aozora, by Maeda Ai, Suzuki Mariko, and Mannaka Yukiko. The second song was Girl Friends, by Toyoshima Machiko, Oda Michiko, and Yonemoto Chizu. The third song was Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide, by Makishima Yuki, Suzuki Urarako, and Nishiguchi Yuka. The last song was Itsuka Kitto Ieruhazu, by Okamoto Asami, Konno Hiromi, and Okada Junko.

Actually the new song by Yuki, Urarako, and Yuka should be Crescent Moon, but they played Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide for this video..

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