Sentimental Graffiti summer concert

Event Sentimental Graffiti summer concert
Location Sonic City (Ohmiya)
Date 1997.08.27
Time 14:00 - 16:10
18:00 - 20:10
Cost 3500 yen
Guests Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
Suzuki Mariko (Τ)
Oda Michiko (һ)
Maeda Ai (İ)
Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
Yonemoto Chizu ()
Okada Junko (Ľ)
Okamoto Asami (㸫)
Makishima Yukiko
Konno Hiromi ()
Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
Suzuki Urarako ()
Takato Yasuhiro ()
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.08.28

The Sentimental Graffiti summer concert was held at the Sonic City Hall in Ohmiya, on August 27, 1997. The hall probably holds around 2000, but there were some empty seats. They did sell some tickets at the door.

My seats were pretty far in the back (25th row and 29th row), so I bought binoculars for the event (12 times x 30 mm, 16K yen..). I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without the binoculars.

A CD and LD of this concert will be coming out in November and December.

The concert began with the showing of the Sentimental Graffiti game opening. VERY nice! Lots of girls, lots of closeups, lots of movement, lots of sailor fuku.. (^_^;)


After the OP, they had the drama section. There was a large screen at the back of the stage, where they showed some stills of the characters. There were four mikes on the stage (two on the right of the stage and two on the left), and the seiyuu came out to do a short drama. The voice of the "main character" was done by Takato Yasuhiro.

The first one was Sugihara Manami. Toyoshima Machiko was wearing a long, blue one piece with little blue/green flowers, a blue long sleeve cardigan over it, a white apron dress, and a straw hat. She was also wearing very high heel (platform type) sandals, with white strings. Machiko matched Manami's image very well.

All of the seiyuu were holding the script in a light blue folder.

Next was Sawatari Honoka. Suzuki Mariko wore an orange one piece, about knee length.

Ayasaki Wakana was next. Oda Michiko wore a long sleeve, silver one piece with black/blue dots.

Next was Nagakura Emiru. Maeda Ai wore a long sleeve, reddish brown (white checkered) one piece, and a red-brown hat. She had her hair braided on both sides, sticking out of the hat.

Morii Kaho was next. Mannaka Yukiko wore a long green one piece (short sleeve), and she had her hair up.

Then it was Matsuoka Chie. Yonemoto Chizu was wearing black long pants, a red short sleeve shirt with some white chain patterns on it.

Adachi Taeko was next. Okada Junko was wearing a white, long one piece, with a short sleeve white blouse over it (probably a set). She had her hair up, and was wearing a large beaded necklace. She started at the mike on the right side of the stage, and then moved over to the left side.

Next was Hoshino Asuka. Okamoto Asami was wearing a pink, short (above knee length) one piece, with sleeves, which had three rows of frills down the middle. She also had her hair in two pony tails.

Hosaka Miyuki was next. Makishima Yuki was wearing a black pants suit. There were red and white little flower designs on it, long sleeve. She also had a red flower design necklace, and her hair was pinned up.

Next was Yamamoto Rurika. Konno Hiromi was wearing long black pants, a white frilly skirt over it, and a green long sleeve blouse with daisies all over it.

Nanase Yuu was next. Nishiguchi Yuka was wearing a white long sleeve blouse, a very very short blue skirt (very frilly and flaring out), black tight shorts, and gym shoes. Yuka had her hair straight, and very short.

The last one was Endo Akira. Suzuki Urarako was wearing black long pants, a brown short sleeve shirt with white flowers on it, and had her hair pinned up.

After Urarako's drama, everyone came back onto the stage. Everyone wore the same outfits, but Machiko had taken off her hat. They all introduced themselves, and they went into the break.


The break was around 20 minutes, and then they went into the concert. It was a "real" concert with a four person band, and two background singers.

The top batter was Suzuki Mariko, singing Long Distance Call. Mariko was wearing a long sleeve purple shirt, with a dark purple colored long pants. Her movement and dancing was good, as well as her singing. But I don't think this matched Honoka's image too well..

Then it was Mannaka Yukiko, singing Kimi ga Ireba... Yukiko was wearing yellow shorts (very short), a green tank top with lots of sunflowers on it, a large sunflower on her left shoulder strap, green gym shoes, and had flower clips in her hair. Her hair was in a pony tail in the back. Yukiko moved a LOT. She was bouncing around all over the stage, very energetic and exciting.

Next Makishima Yuki sang Ichimai no Fuukei. Yuki was wearing a long sleeveless purple dress. Since her song is a ballad, she didn't move much.

After her song, Yuki talked for a little bit.

Then Maeda Ai came out to sing Watashi no Moto he Ai ni Kite. Ai was wearing a yellow rain coat, and holding a red umbrella. She had a very cute dance, and she sang with the mike stand. There were green buttons on the rain coat, with the top one being the shape of a spade, next being a heart, a clover, and a diamond. Ai also had two green clips in her hair, with the same spade/heart/clover/diamond design. Then at the interlude, Ai took off her rain coat, and tossed the umbrella. Ai was wearing a short red one piece, and red high heel boots. She also had a short necklace with a red jewel in the front. Then Ai sang and danced around holding the mike. Very cute dance and movements.

Next was Nishiguchi Yuka, singing Only Lonely Star. Yuka was wearing a long red winter coat, and white scarf. She had white lacy fingerless gloves, and long white boots. Then during the interlude, she turned her back to her crowd, and took off her coat and scarf. Yuka was wearing a very tight white shirt with horizontal gold stripes, a white see-through frilly skirt, and white shorts.

Then Oda Michiko sang Setsunasa no Yukue. Michiko was wearing a blue yukata with red and white flowers, a red obi, and red ornaments in her hair. She had a fan stuck in her obi on her back, and it had a maneki neko on it.

After her song, Michiko talked for a little while.

Then Okamoto Asami sang Sweet Tears. Asami was wearing a short yellow one piece (short sleeve), which was solid yellow in the middle and yellow and orange checkered at the sleeves and skirt. She had her hair up in buns, and had flower ornaments in them. She was wearing yellow shorts under her skirt, had brown shoes and yellow socks.

Next Okada Junko sang Nichiyoubi no Oka. Junko was wearing a brown and light brown checkered one piece (long), with a long white apron over it. It was short sleeve, and there was a big brown ribbon at the front. She had her hair in two braids, with light brown ribbons. Junko had black shoes and white socks.

The two background singers had left before this song. Junko came out from the left of the stage, and moved slowly across the stage during the song, ending up at the right end of the stage at the end. This is a slow song, so Junko didn't do any fast or dynamic dances. but it was very nice and cute. It matched Taeko's character well. Over 5 minutes.

In the afternoon session, Junko forgot a part of the song near the end. She got it right in the evening session.

Then Konno Hiromi sang Mizuiro no Houseki. Hiromi was wearing a black apron skirt over a yellow tank top and white frilly skirt. She had long black boots. Hiromi moved all over the stage, and was very genki. There were no background singers for this song.

Then the background singers came back, and Yonemoto Chizu sang Two Dreams. Chizu was wearing a white T shirt, black leather pants, and black leather jacket. She had her hair in a pony tail, had a metal cross necklace, and a bracelet on her left wrist. Chizu moved around a lot, as it was a hard rock song. Also during the interlude, Chizu threw off her jacket. It matched Chie's character well.

The 11th singer was Suzuki Urarako, and she sang Furimukeba I Love You. Urarako was wearing a short, sleeveless black one piece, and a long green see-through one piece (short sleeve) over it. She had a green scarf(?) wrapped on her head. She was wearing long black boots. Urarako was very cute and pretty, and sung well (song is a ballad).

After her song, Urarako talked, and everyone called for "Manami-chan". Machiko and Urarako talked a little bit, and then Machiko introduced her song, and sang Omoide wo Tometa Mamade.

Machiko was wearing a white one piece (long, down to her ankles) with a lacy design down the front, and long lacy sleeves. She had a flower design clip in her hair, and on her middle finger of her left hand, she wore a white flower design ring. Machiko sang very well, and very powerful. Her voice carried well. It was a great rendition of the song.. but I don't think it fit Manami's image well.


After Machiko's song there was a short call for an encore, and everybody came back to the stage. On the stage from left to right: Suzuki Mariko, Makishima Yuki, Nishiguchi Yuka, Okamoto Asami, Konno Hiromi, Suzuki Urarako, Toyoshima Machiko, Yonemoto Chizu, Okada Junko, Oda Michiko, Maeda Ai, Mannaka Yukiko.

They all sang Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide, a new song. They sang solo, in pairs, in threes.. too hard to keep track of who was singing which part.

During the interlude, they all gave a short message: Mariko, Yukiko, Yuki, Ai, Yuka, Michiko, Asami, Junko, Hiromi, Chizu, Urarako, Machiko.

During the afternoon session, Junko seemed to have some tears in her eyes. At the night session, Junko, Yukiko, Asami, Ai, and Hiromi were crying. Junko had tears running down her face, and she had to wipe them away. Maybe some others had watery eyes too..

HD's performance checksheet (^_^;)

The following is my (very biased and opinionated) ratings of the performances during the concert. It ranks how I LIKED the performance, not how GOOD it was. It does NOT factor in the singing ability that much.. (^_^;)

name movement
of outfit
song overall
Maeda Ai 9 9 6 90
Mannaka Yukiko 9 7 8 85
Okada Junko 7 9 8 80
Toyoshima Machiko 5 6 9 80
Nishiguchi Yuka 7 8 7 80
Suzuki Urarako 6 7 8 75
Suzuki Mariko 5 3 7 70
Yonemoto Chizu 6 1 4 65
Oda Michiko 4 6 5 60
Okamoto Asami 5 6 5 60
Konno Hiromi 5 5 5 50
Makishima Yuki 3 3 6 50

As you noticed, the overall score is not an addition of the other scores.

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