Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 4

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 4
390 yen

act 13 to act 16

[information by Dag Wa]

Cover: all five standing, from left to right: Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars.

Table of contentents has a very kawaii picture of Chibi-Usa and Usagi up front, with the others in the back being very happy. This volume contains 13-16. The defeat of Beryl and the beginning of the Black Moon/Nemisis. There is a picture of the girls looking very fashionable.

Just a side note: Chibi-Usa's landing when she first arrives is nearly identical to the show's. The clothes changed slightly, but a clip of Chibi-Usa clinging to Mamo-Chan with Usagi falling from the show next to the panel in the manga, wow. It's a mirror image!

There is a two page picture of Serenity and Endymion and the Senshi in the arms of the generals, one each (Zoicite and Kunzite were not in love in the manga). Kunzite and Venus, Jadeite and Mars, Nephrite and Jupiter, Mercury and Zoicite. Another picture of interest is one of Usagi and Minako, with Minako's arms around Usagi, one hand on her leg, another on a breast. There is a cute one with Chibi-Usa with a fair backdrop, and odd little aliens on the side. There are two action pictures. Umino has a message at the end.

Lots of other little pictures. Inside front has a Mars. Inside back cover has Naoko with people in fukus with wigs. Back cover has the Senshi in boxes, doing their attacks.

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