Hino Rei Official Fan Book

Hino Rei (火野レイ)
780 yen

Some of the contents are as follows:

  • Short summary and many pictures from episode 10. (Rei/Sailor Mars' introduction episode)
  • Mars star power make up.
  • Fire soul.
  • Burning Mandala.
  • Lots more pictures of Hino Rei.
  • Lots of fashionable Rei pictures. (various outfits, swim wear, sports wear)
  • Lots of pictures chosen by Usagi. (various funny scenes of Rei and Mars)
  • Sailor Mars episode best 5
    • Episode 30
    • Episode 38
    • Episode 54
    • Episode 70
    • Episode 99
  • 50 secrets of Sailor Mars.
  • Sailor Mars's famous lines.
  • Some pictures of Hino Rei's friends.
  • A list of all enemy that Sailor Mars fought against.
  • Sailor Mars illustration and poem. (very nice background pictures)
    • Fire Soul Love
    • Eien no Melody
    • Watashi no Hito Ginga hen
  • Last message by Tomizawa Michie (富沢美智恵).

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