Tsukino Usagi Official Fan Book

Tsukino Usagi (月野うさぎ)
780 yen

Some of the contents are as follows.

  • Short summary and many pictures from episode 1. (Usagi/Sailor Moon's introduction episode.)
  • Pictures of Usagi's past and future. (Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, Neo Queen Serenity)
  • Moon prism power make up.
  • Moon crystal power make up.
  • Moon cosmic power make up.
  • Moon crisis power make up.
  • Moon tiara action.
  • Moon healing escalation.
  • Moon princess halation.
  • Moon spiral heart attack.
  • Rainbow moon heart ache.
  • Lots more pictures of Tsukino Usagi.
  • Lots of fashionable Usagi pictures. (various outfits, swim wear, sports wear)
  • Pictures of Mamoru, and Usagi's family.
  • Sailor Moon episode best 5
    • Episode 34, 35.
    • Episode 45, 46.
    • Episode 61.
    • Episode 110, 111.
    • Episode 124, 125. (some very cute pictures of Hotaru)
  • 50 secrets of Sailor Moon.
  • Sailor Moon's famous lines.
  • Some pictures of Tsukino Usagi's friends.
  • A list of all enemy that Sailor Moon fought against.
  • Sailor Moon illustration and poem. (very nice background pictures)
    • Heart Moving
    • Tuxedo Mirage
  • Last message by Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃).

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