Sailor Moon S Big Box

美少女戦士セーラームーンS Big Box

Forte Music FMZX-1
2300 yen
released 1994.??.??

This is a multimedia package containing a CD, a karaoke cassette tape, scripts for episodes 92 and 104, and a set of cardboard cutouts. All this comes in a big box, measuring approx 12" x 8" x 1". The cover of the box shows all 8 senshi, along with Tuxedo Kamen, and the 2 cats.

The contents are as follows.

  • CD
    • Tr.1: Moonlight Densetsu
    • Tr.2: Episode #92
    • Tr.3: Moon Revenge
    • Tr.4: Episode #104
    • Tr.5: Tuxedo Mirage

    (Tracks 2 & 4 contain an audio recording of episodes 92 and 104. Tracks 3 & 5 are sung by the 5 main seiyuu. The CD also comes with lyrics for the 3 songs; this is, by the way, the first time I've seen written lyrics for Moon Revenge!)

  • Karaoke Cassette Tape
    • Tr.1: Moonlight Densetsu
    • Tr.2: Moon Revenge
    • Tr.3: Tuxedo Mirage

  • Scripts for episodes 92 and 104.
    Scripts are in Japanese, and there is no furigana attached.

  • Rittai (3D) Ministage.
    This is a set of cardboard cutouts that are assembled to form a mini-stage. Included are cutouts of all the senshi-tachi and Tuxedo Kamen. When assembled, the whole thing measures about 12" x 12" x 9". Also, Sailor Moon is dressed as Super Sailor Moon, and she looks really cute ^_^

All in all, this is a great deal - for only 2300 yen, we get a whole lot of goodies. My favorite part is the 3D stage, which is, IMHO, a great gift for engineers or would-be engineers who like to play with dolls ^_^;;

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