Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 1

Episode title
Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin
[The crybaby Usagi's splendid transformation.]
Air date
Voice Actors
Tsukino Usagi (Mitsuishi Kotono)
Luna (Han Keiko)
Osaka Naru (Kakinuma Shino)
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.19
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 1]
Usagi's mother called for Usagi as it was past 8:00 AM. Usagi was still sleeping. When Usagi got up she asked her mother to wake her up earlier. Usagi's mother said that she did, but Usagi didn't wake up. When Usagi was about to leave without her lunch, her mother gave it to her.

Usagi was walking to school knowing that she would be late. When she walked by a parking lot, Usagi saw a bunch of little kids picking on a cat. She chased the kids away and saved the little black cat. The cat had a band-aid on her forehead. When Usagi took the band-aid off, the cat jumped away and stared at Usagi. Then Usagi remembered that she was late for school and ran off.

The teacher made Usagi stand outside of the classroom for being late. Because Usagi was hungry, she took out her lunch and started to eat it. Then the teacher caught her and told her that this was the reason why Usagi always did bad in her school work. The teacher gave back Usagi's test, in which she had scored 30 points.

Later Usagi was feeling very down and was with her friend Naru-chan. Then a classmate Umino came by and said that he didn't try hard on the last test either. Umino had scored 95 points.

Naru-chan changed the subject and told Usagi that Sailor V had caught a jewel thief. But Usagi did not know who or what Sailor V was. Umino explained that Sailor V was a girl in a sailor suit who went around catching criminals.

Then Naru-chan and Usagi both said that they understood why someone would want to steal jewels. Umino began to worry about the two girls. Then Naru-chan told Usagi that there was a bargain sale going on at her mother's jewelry store. Usagi said that she wanted to go.

Queen Beryl was asking if the ginzuishou had been discovered yet. The ginzuishou was a silver crystal with special powers. She said that she first needed the energy from humans if the ginzuishou could not be found. Jadeite said that one of his youma was already gathering human energy.

There was a big crowd at Naru-chan's mother's store. Naru-chan's mother was going around gathering people. But it was not really her. It was really one of Jadeite's youmas.

When Naru-chan introduced Usagi to her mother, her mother said that she would make it extra cheap for Usagi. Usagi was very happy. Then Naru-chan's mother showed Usagi a 500,000 yen diamond. She said that she would let Usagi have it for 30,000 yen! Then a fat old woman came up, hit Usagi away, and said that she would take it. More people came, so Usagi and Naru-chan had to crawl away.

Usagi was disappointed as she could not even afford the 30,000 yen. Also since she only got a 30 on her test and her grades weren't very good, her father wouldn't buy her anything. Usagi left feeling very disappointed.

When Usagi went outside, she crumpled up her test and threw it away. Then a voice behind her said, "That hurts, odango atama." Usagi's test had hit someone's head. The guy looked at the test score and told Usagi that she should study more. Usagi got mad, took the test back, and started walking home. When Usagi passed by the game center, she noticed that the Sailor V game had come out.

["odango atama" is what Mamoru calls Usagi because of the two balls (of hair) on top of Usagi's head. Odango is a Japanese dessert which look like little balls.]

When Usagi got home, her mother said that she found out from Umino that the tests had been returned that day. Usagi's mother asked Usagi what score she had gotten, and asked to see the test. When she saw the 30, she got mad and threw Usagi out of the house.

Shingo, Usagi's younger brother, came up and kicked Usagi. Shingo said that he wanted an older sister that was a little bit smarter than Usagi. When Usagi got mad, Shingo rushed into the house.

At Naru-chan's mother's store, a lot of the women who bought jewelry were passing out. Naru-chan wondered what was happening. Naru-chan's mother (actually a youma) was thinking that she had collected a lot of energy so far. Then the youma spotted Naru-chan.

Usagi was lying on her bed after her mother finally let her in. She didn't feel like doing homework, so she fell asleep. Then the little black cat that Usagi had saved earlier came in through the window. Usagi woke up and said, "Oh! The crescent shaped bald spot from this morning."
The cat replied, "It's not a bald spot. How rude." Usagi was shocked that the cat talked. "My name is Luna. I've been looking for you, Usagi." Usagi was getting blue in the face. Then she tried to sleep again. But Luna said that it wasn't a dream. Then Luna gave Usagi a brooch to wake her up.

Luna said, "There are a lot of strange incidents going on all over Tokyo. The enemy has appeared! Usagi, you have to beat this enemy. You were chosen to be a fighter. The other mission is to find the princess with our friends.." But Usagi was just playing with her new brooch.

Luna thought that Usagi didn't believe her and told her to say, "Moon prism power, make up." When Usagi said those words, she began to transform. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Usagi was very surprised and still didn't believe it. Then she heard Naru-chan's voice, "Help, my mother.." Luna told Usagi that she had to go help Naru-chan.

In the jewelry store, the youma was choking Naru-chan. Then Sailor Moon appeared. "Get away from Naru-chan!"
When the youma asked who she was, Sailor Moon answered, "For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful girl fighter! Sailor Moon!"

Then the youma used her power to revive all of the women that had passed out. The youma made them attack Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was scared and just backed away. Luna told her to fight, but Sailor Moon didn't. She just started crying. Then someone threw a rose as the youma was going to attack Sailor Moon. A masked man in a tuxedo appeared. He said, "I'm Tuxedo Kamen! Nothing will be solved if you just cry, Sailor Moon!" But Sailor Moon just kept crying. Her voice got amplified and started to defeat the youma.

Luna told Sailor Moon to take her tiara and throw it saying, "Moon tiara action!" Sailor Moon asked why she had to do that, but Luna told her to just do it. Then Sailor Moon threw the tiara and defeated the youma.

Tuxedo Kamen said, "That was great Sailor Moon. I'll remember what happened tonight," and left. Luna said that Sailor Moon did well, but Sailor Moon's eyes were filled with hearts.

The next day at school, Naru-chan said that she saw a beautiful dream. She said that someone called Sailor Moon had defeated a monster. Then some classmates said that they had seen the same dream. Usagi was sleeping on her desk and told them to be quiet because she was tired.

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