Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 2

Episode title
Oshiokiyo! Uranai house ha youma no yakata
[I'll punish you! The fortune house is a youma's mansion]
Air date
  • Script version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.10.01
    [I'm doing it from the Sailor Moon anime manga, so it might not contain all of the dialogue.]
Lot's of girls were lining up to a fortune teller, who was an old man.

girl : This place is very good, they say.
girl : Yeah, I saw it on TV too.
Jadeite : Ha.. Stupid humans..

Jadeite was talking to Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl : Jadeite.. You didn't find the secret ginzuishou yet.
: I want the energy from humans.
Jadeite : I have already began, Queen Beryl.

Usagi was sleeping late again. It was past 8 AM, and Luna jumped on Usagi to wake her up.

Luna : Wake up!
Usagi : You're choking me.
Luna : You won't be able to perform your mission like that!
Usagi : Oh no! It's this late already!?
Usagi : Why didn't you wake me up earlier.
Luna : Oh dear..

At school, Haruna-sensei was taking roll.

Haruna : Umino Gurio.
Umino : Here!
Haruna : Kimura Yuuji
Kimura : Here!

Usagi tried to sneak into the classroom. She tried to crawl to her desk. But Umino got up and called out to her.

Umino : Usagi, good morning!
Haruna : Go directly to the hallway!

Usagi and Umino had to stand in the hall.

Usagi : Why are you standing with me?
Umino : That's.. It's not something that I can easily explain..

Later, Umino called Naru-chan to talk about Usagi.

Naru : What do you want to talk about?
Umino : I want to go on a date with Usagi.
: I also want to exchange diaries with her.
: I want to talk to her parents about our future.
Naru : No way.
: I don't think it would work if you went right at it.
Umino : Oh no.
: Then I'll attack her from behind!
Naru : No. You have to have your fortune told to see what you
: have to do. It's been said that the one on 10th street
: is really good.

Usagi went to the old man fortune teller. There was no line at all.

Usagi : Oh? What happened. There's usually a huge line.
old man : A rival appeared.
Usagi : That's so flashy.
: Did everyone go over there?
old man : Yeah.. Everyone likes new things.
Usagi : Please tell me my fortune!
old man : Thank you.
old man : You are liked by some boy right now.
: It's a boy that you see all the time.

Usagi : Some boy I see all the time? Maybe!

Usagi went to the game center.

Usagi : He's not here yet..
Motoki : Hi Usagi.
: It was perfect timing. I have to start work now.
Usagi : Hello Motoki.
Motoki : The Sailor V game is in.
: You haven't played it yet, have you?
Usagi : No.

Usagi played the Sailor V game. But she wasn't doing very good.

Usagi : Here, here, here.
Usagi : Shoot!
Motoki : It's pretty hard, isn't it?
Motoki : I'll give you some hints.
Usagi : Thank you..
Motoki : Watch carefully Usagi.

Luna went up to Usagi and Motoki.

Usagi : Luna, why did you come here?
Motoki : Oh, is this cat called Luna?
: She comes here a lot recently.

Luna jumped up and pulled Usagi out.

Usagi : Luna, what are you doing!
: Ok, I'm going.
Usagi : Good bye..
Motoki : I feel happy when I see your face Usagi.
: I'll be waiting for you.
Usagi : Ok.

Outside Usagi got mad at Luna for bothering her.

Usagi : Why did you come. It was just getting good.
Luna : Is it ok to go play on the way home from school?
Usagi : Well I can't say that it's good.
Luna : I'm glad you understand.
: You have a very important mission you know..
Usagi : Oh?
: Maybe I should get my fortune about Motoki told again.
Usagi : Too late..
Usagi : Maybe.. It's better to go to the old man..
: But I want to hear it right away..
: Yeah I should predict which one I should go to myself.
Luna : What are you doing.
Usagi : If it's heads, I'll go to the old man.
: If it's tails, I'll go to the new house..
: Here goes!

Usagi kicked off her shoe high into the air. The shoe hit Chiba Mamoru who was walking down the street behind Usagi.

Mamoru : Ouch.
Usagi : Oh no..
: It's that flashy guy.
Mamoru : That hurt, odango atama!
Usagi : Is that all you can say?
Mamoru : If you don't behave more graceful, you won't get any
: boy friends!
Usagi : Thanks a lot.
Usagi : Oh, I feel terrible!

Umino was at the new fortune telling house.

Umino : Wow..
girl (youma) : Look into my eyes..
: You are a great servant to an evil devil.
: You can do whatever you desire.
Umino : I will do as I wish..
girl : I can get the energy soon..

Usagi was walking home.

father : Hey Usagi.
Usagi : Hi father.
: Were you shopping?
father : Yeah. I went home early, and mother caught me.
Usagi : I bet Motoki is very kind like my father..

The next day at school, Naru-chan was talking to Usagi.

Naru : Did Umino come talk to you?
Usagi : What are you talking about?
Naru : It seems like Umino likes you.
Usagi : What!
Naru : But since he's so pure-hearted, he can't say anything.

The next day, Umino came dressed in a funny suit and tie.

Umino : Hey Usagi. Let's go on a date.
Naru : Umino? What happened to you.
Usagi : If you come to school like that, you'll get in trouble.
Umino : Forget that. Let's go out Usagi.
Haruna : Umino! What are you doing dressed like that!
Umino : Huh..

Umino took out a bead and started eating it.

Haruna : Umino! What are you thinking about.

Umino flicked up Haruna's skirt.

Haruna : Kya!
Umino : It's like this!

Umino just walked away, and Haruna started crying.

Haruna : I can't get married..

During class, Haruna was upset. Umino was reading his manga and laughing out loud.

Haruna : Hey. Behave!

When Haruna walked to Umino, somebody tripped her.

Haruna : Oh. That hurt.
: What are you doing Yuuji?
Yuuji : You have to talk more quietly in the classroom.
: Teacher.
Haruna : What!

Later, Naru-chan and Usagi were talking about Umino and Yuuji.

Usagi : What. Umino went to the fortune teller?
Naru : I told him about it. It seems Yuuji went too.
Usagi : Is that so..

Someone threw a rock and broke the school window.

teacher : Hey! What are you doing!
Umino : Stop acting so big. You're not that smart!
teacher : What.
students : Yeah. Yeah.

youma : Go riot.
Jadeite : It's the energy of rebellious youth..

Usagi and Naru-chan ran up to Umino and the other students.

Usagi : What are you doing?
Umino : Hey Usagi! Let's kiss.

Usagi started crying very loudly.

Usagi : I hate you when you're like this..
Umino : Let's go everyone..
Luna : I feel some bad energy.

Naru : Usagi, it's all right now.
Usagi : Oh I feel relieved now.
Naru : Ah..

Usagi left with Luna.

Usagi : Umino left, but what is he thinking about..
Luna : It seems like some bad one are behind all of these
: incidents.
Usagi : Then what about Umino?
Luna : They're being possessed.
Usagi : There's something suspicious about the fortune teller.
Luna : What?
Usagi : Umino became this way after going to the fortune teller.
Luna : Great! Good investigation.
Usagi : Then give me another new item as a reward.
Luna : No way! Let's go.

Luna and Usagi arrived at the fortune teller's shop.

Usagi : Do we have to fight again? It's scary.
Luna : What are you talking about!
Usagi : Ha ha ha..
: Moo.. Um, what were those words again?
Luna : Moon prism power. Make up!
Usagi : Yeah, that's it.
: Moon prism power. Make up!

Inside the fortune teller's shop, the youma was talking to the students.

youma : You all did great.
: From now on you will go wild all over the city.
students : Ok!
Sailor Moon : What's much worse than the old men who are jealous about
: the Waka-Taka popularity, is one that doesn't care about
: people's feelings!

[Waka-Taka = Wakahanada and Takahanada, two young brothers who do sumo]

youma : Who is it!
Sailor Moon : For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful fighter
: Sailor Moon. I'll punish you for the moon!

The youma threw some fortune telling card at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon : That's dangerous.
Luna : It's not time to be thinking about that!
youma : Ha ha. Get her!
Sailor Moon : Stop it.
: Go away.
: If you get any closer, I'll beat you up.

The possessed students kept getting closer to Sailor Moon. Then a rose came flying at the youma.

Sailor Moon : Everyone stopped!
youma : Who is it!
Sailor Moon : Tuxedo Kamen!
Tuxedo Kamen : No matter how bad the situation is, don't give up.
Sailor Moon : Ok!
Tuxedo Kamen : See you later.
Sailor Moon : Thank you Tuxedo Kamen.

The youma attacked Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon : That looks painful!
Luna : Hey Sailor Moon! Use the tiara.
Sailor Moon : Oh yeah.
: Moon tiara. Action!

Sailor Moon defeated the youma.

Sailor Moon : I did it.
Umino : What?
Jadeite : Baam, you failed..

The next day on the way to school, Naru-chan was talking to Umino.

Umino : I flicked up Haruna-sensei's skirt!
Naru : You also tried to kiss Usagi.
: And you broke the window of the teacher's office.
: Hey where are you going?
Umino : There is only despair in front of me.
Usagi : Good morning!
Umino : Wa. Usagi, I'm..
Usagi : Don't worry about it.
Umino : Yeah, that's it.
: I shouldn't worry too much about it.
Usagi : Darn.
: He doesn't know what I had to go through.

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