Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 3

Episode title
Nazono nemuribyou, mamore otomeno koisuru kokoro
[The mysterious sleeping disease, protect the young girl's loving heart]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.10.06
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 1]
"I only wrote about you in my old diaries. And now I only write about the old times. I want to see you.. I want to see you again. I want to tell you my true feelings."

Usagi and Naru-chan were listening to a late night radio program where they read love letters. The announcer said that the letter was from a Haruna. Usagi was surprised that it was the same name as her teacher. The announcer said that they would send a flower brooch to those whose letters got read on air. The announcer's name was Jay Daitou.

Usagi was thinking that she had never written a love letter before. But Luna yelled at Usagi and told her to go to sleep. She said that Usagi had a very important mission and she needed to get enough rest. So Usagi went to sleep.

The next morning, Usagi's father was reading the newspaper. He noticed an article that said that a lot of people were getting a disease where they fell asleep and couldn't wake up. Then he said that he wanted to sleep and stop going to work for a while. Usagi's mother quickly said that she wanted her husband to work hard. Usagi's father said that he was joking. Then Usagi came to the kitchen table and said that she was late for school. Usagi grabbed a piece of toast and ran off to school.

Usagi arrived at school late. She thought that her teacher would scold her. But when she got to her class, Usagi found out that Haruna-sensei was still not there. Then a very sleepy Haruna struggled into the classroom. She started to take roll, but she stopped and told everyone to just study on their own. Usagi noticed that Haruna had a new flower brooch. Then Haruna fell asleep on her desk. Everyone was worried about their teacher, but Usagi was very happy that they didn't have any class.

Meanwhile Luna was talking to herself out loud while walking down the street. Then Motoki said "Hi" to her. Luna was shocked and thought that Motoki had heard her talking. But Motoki just pet her and went in to get some milk for her. Luna was very happy, and hoped that Usagi would be that nice to her. Then Luna saw an ambulance go by. She wondered what had happened.

At school the ambulance took Haruna away. She had fallen asleep and did not wake up. When Naru-chan told Usagi about the recent wave of people with similar symptoms as Haruna, Usagi said that it might be fun to sleep and dream all of the time.

At the radio station FM no 10, the manager was going through some fan mail for a program that didn't exist, Midnight Zero. A woman manager came up and said that she would take care of them.

After school, Naru-chan told Usagi that she had written many love letters to Midnight Zero. When Usagi asked who she wrote them to, Naru-chan said that it didn't matter. Then Usagi got the idea to try to write one herself. She was thinking to herself and ran into a light pole. Usagi immediately apologized to the light pole. When Usagi looked up, she saw Mamoru laughing at her. When Mamoru told Usagi not to be off in space, Usagi got upset. But Naru-chan thought that Mamoru was very cool.

At home Usagi tried to write a love letter. But Usagi couldn't get anything written down. So she thought that she would ask Jay Daitou, the DJ of Midnight Zero, how to write one. Usagi went to the radio station with Luna, but the guard at the gate told her that the station didn't have a radio show by that name. So Usagi returned home.

That night at midnight, Usagi listened to Midnight Zero again. Usagi said that the guard had lied to her. But when Luna checked the newspaper listing, it didn't have a radio show by that name. On the program, Jay Daitou said that the love letter for that night was by a girl called Naru-chan. Usagi was surprised.

The next day at school, Naru-chan was showing her friends the flower brooch that she had received. Usagi noticed that it was the same kind as the one Haruna had. So they figured out that the love letter that had been aired a couple days earlier was from Haruna. When Naru-chan put on the brooch she became sleepy and fell asleep. When Usagi got closer to her, the gas from the brooch caught her and made her fall asleep too.

Usagi dreamt that she was with Tuxedo Kamen. "Tuxedo Kamen, are you my future boy friend?" He answered that he probably was. "Then please show me your true identity." Just as Tuxedo Kamen was pulling off his mask, Luna yelled at Usagi to wake her up. Usagi was in the nurse's office. Naru-chan was still sleeping in the bed. Luna said that there must be something going on at the radio station.

Jadeite was talking with his youma. The youma was using the flower brooch to steal the energy from the dreams of the young girls who were in love.

Usagi and Luna went to the radio station. But they needed a way to get past the guard. So Luna gave Usagi a magic pen. By saying "moon power", Usagi would be able to transform into a working lady. So Usagi transformed into a pretty announcer and went into the radio station.

When Usagi saw Jay Daitou, she thought that he was cool. But Luna told her that he was the enemy. Usagi said that he might not be, but they discovered all of the other workers sleeping. Jadeite had taken over the radio station.

Usagi went into the announcer's booth and warned everyone over the air waves. "We are in the middle of the program, but there is some important news. We have discovered that the flower brooch sent from this program is very dangerous. Please don't touch it." Then Jadeite got mad. The youma jumped into the announcer's booth and changed to her normal ugly form. The youma tried to blast Usagi.

"Moon prism power, make up!" Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. After Jadeite introduced himself, the youma started blasting Sailor Moon. The blast created a hole on the roof, so Sailor Moon jumped outside. When the youma came after her, Sailor Moon used her "moon tiara action" to defeat the youma. Then Sailor Moon faced off against Jadeite. Sailor Moon used her "moon tiara action" again, but Jadeite stopped it. Then Jadeite blasted Sailor Moon. Jadeite was going to go after Sailor Moon, but a rose came flying by his feet. Jadeite retreated.

The next day, everyone who had been under the spell woke up. At school Usagi was busy writing a love letter to Tuxedo Kamen. Naru-chan came and took the letter. She said that Midnight Zero had ended. Usagi said that she was going to give it to her boy friend in person. Then Naru-chan said that she wanted to read it.

While Usagi was chasing Naru-chan, Haruna-sensei came into the classroom. When Usagi shouted, "Give me my love letter back!" Haruna went after them saying that they wanted to see the love letter too.

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