Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 4

Episode title
Usagi ga oshiemasu! Slim ni naruhou
[Usagi will teach you! The way to get slim]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.28
Usagi came out of the bath and weighed herself. She screamed out because he had gained weight.

Usagi's parents said that it as all right. But after talking for a while they said that Usagi eats a lot, doesn't study, and doesn't exercise. Usagi started crying.

Luna told Usagi not to cry. She told Usagi to eat less and exercise. Luna was drawing a picture. When Usagi asked what it was, Luna said that it was a picture of what Usagi would look like in a half year. Luna had drawn a very fat Sailor Moon. Usagi got mad at Luna.

The next day at school during lunch, Usagi wasn't eating anything. Usagi just stared at Naru, who was eating.

Later Usagi told her classmates that she was on a diet. The girls tried to help her out. One suggested swimming, but Naru said that Usagi wasn't very good.

Then Naru said that Haruna-sensei had recently become slim. Usagi said that she didn't notice. Then Umino came up and said that it was hard to tell with normal clothes on. Umino took out two pictures of Haruna in gym clothes. One was before and one was after losing weight. There was a big difference, and Umino said that it was only two days apart. Then Naru asked Umino where he got the pictures. Umino said that it was a secret, and ran away. Naru and Usagi chased after Umino.

Usagi found Umino and asked about the pictures. Umino gave up and told Usagi that he had followed Haruna. But Usagi wasn't interested in that, and asked where the shape-up salon was.

Usagi, Naru, and their two friends went to the salon. Naru said that it was probably too expensive. Then they saw a large screen video commercial with some cute idol. She said, "One day, one kilogram. Two days, five kilograms. In three days you can be beautiful." There was a free trial going on, so the girls decided to go. Naru said, "There's nothing cheaper than free.'

When the girls went inside, the blonde instructor (Jadeite) greeted them. They all thought he was very cool. They separated and did various exercises. Usagi was going a rowing exercise, but was getting very tired. Naru was riding an exercise bike. When Jadeite saw Naru resting, he told her that she couldn't become beautiful if she rested. Then Naru tried very hard.

When the girls finished, Jadeite took Naru and the two girls to the special shape-up beams.

Usagi was in a jet bath resting, and thinking it was hard to lose weight. She was also very hungry.

Naru and friends went into the machine, as Jadeite said that they would lose a lot of weight.

Queen Beryl called Jadeite. Jadeite reported that things were going well because lots of foolish girls were releasing energy to get beautiful.

When the girls finished and came out of the shape-up beam machine, Jadeite told them that they looked beautiful. He told them to also come the next day. Naru and her friends' faces were blue and they didn't look very well, but they listened to Jadeite.

Usagi was sad that Naru and her friends had left without her. Usagi was walking home alone. Then she saw a little boy walking with some nikuman. Usagi stared at the nikuman and scared the boy away.

Usagi walked by the game center. Usagi dropped her school bag, and Motoki arrived to catch her just as she was going to fall. When Motoki asked if Usagi wanted to go to a hospital, Usagi said that she wanted to go to a restaurant. Usagi said she was hungry and hadn't eaten anything.

Usagi had a dream. Motoki said, "With my energy of love, I'll make you healthy." Usagi was going to kiss Motoki. Then Usagi woke up as Motoki had put some soup to her mouth. Motoki asked Usagi why she hadn't eaten anything since the day before. He asked if Usagi's mother had refused to feed her because she got bad scores on the tests. Usagi said that she was on a diet. Motoki laughed, and Usagi was worried. But Motoki said, "You don't have to go on a diet. In fact it would be better if you gained some weight. I think a girl who is a little chubby is cuter than someone who is very skinny." Then Usagi became very happy.

Usagi walked home while eating and carrying a bag full of nikuman. She was feeling very happy. Then Mamoru came by and joked about an odango eating a nikuman. Usagi got mad and threw a nikuman at Mamoru. Mamoru caught it and ate it himself.

In a park Usagi sat down and talked with Luna. Usagi said that Motoki liked chubby girls. Luna reminded Usagi that Motoki said, "a little chubby", not "fat". Then Usagi counted how many nikuman she had eaten. Usagi counted to 6, and imagined herself getting fat.

While Usagi was worried about herself, Luna was trying to explain that all of the girls and Haruna were getting skinny very suddenly. Luna guessed that it must be something at the shape-up salon. But Usagi wasn't listening. When Luna said that they should go to the shape-up salon, Usagi agreed only because she wanted to lose weight herself. Then Usagi ran off.

At the salon, Usagi was exercising like crazy. Luna was watching from the window when she spotted a very skinny (no energy left) Haruna. Luna suspected something and followed Haruna.

Haruna went into Jadeite's machine. Jadeite said that this girl had reached the limit and that there was no more energy left to take. He said Haruna would just die.

Luna immediately ran back to Usagi. Luna pretended to be a normal cat and knocked Usagi off of the exercise bike. Then Luna went outside, and a very mad Usagi chased after her.

Outside, Usagi wasn't listening to Luna and wanted to beat her up. But Luna attacked Usagi and knocked her down. Luna put her claws in Usagi's face and told her to listen. Luna told Usagi that Haruna would die. Luna wanted Usagi to turn into Sailor Moon. Usagi didn't understand, but she transformed.

Sailor Moon went to Jadeite, who watching over Haruna. Then Jadeite sent his three large instructors after Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon got surrounded. Luna told Sailor Moon to break the rings on their heads, which was controlling them. But Sailor Moon just ran away.

Then Luna said, "If you fight hard, you might lose some weight!" Sailor Moon stopped running and faced the three instructors. Sailor Moon kicked them and punched them. Then she used the moon tiara action to break their rings. The three instructors returned to normal.

Later at home, Usagi was in the bath and was feeling pretty well. But when she weighed herself, she cried out that she had gained weight although she had exercised a lot.

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