Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 5

Episode title
Youma no kaori! Shaneera ha aiwo nusumu
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.09.27
Usagi was having a nightmare. Usagi was running from a youma. Then Tuxedo Kamen came to help her out. He said, "I'll always be by your side." But he started to vanish as Usagi started to wake up. Usagi was awakened because someone was screaming.

It was Shingo who was screaming. Luna was just waking up on the edge of Shingo's bed, and Shingo was telling her to get away from him. Usagi rushed down to Shingo's room. Shingo threw a pillow at Luna, but Usagi opened the door and the pillow hit Usagi's face. Usagi recalled that Shingo hated cats. Then Usagi picked up Luna and waved her around in front of a very scared Shingo. Shingo was saved as their mother called them for breakfast.

At breakfast Luna was eating with the Tsukino family. Usagi asked if she can have Luna as a pet. Shingo was against it, and they started arguing. Their parents told them to decide on it by themselves.

On the way to school, Usagi asked Luna why she went to Shingo's room. Luna said that she was tired because she had been looking for the princess of the moon. [Usagi had an image of a pudding shaped like the moon.] Usagi told Luna that she should try to get friendly with Shingo.

Later Luna went to a pet shop and saw a cute cat lick a little girl. Luna thought that she would be able to used this technique.

At the dark kingdom, Queen Beryl asked Jadeite if he had his next plan. Jadeite said that he had..

At school Usagi told Naru that Shingo was afraid of cats because he had been bitten on the nose by a cat when he was a little baby. Then Umino came and told them that he had been bitten by an alligator. But it was an alligator skin handbag.

Luna was waiting for Shingo just outside of his school. When he came out, Luna jumped onto him and tried to lick him. But Shingo freaked out, so Luna ran away.

Then one of Shingo's friends Mika-chan, a very cute girl, came by and told Shingo that she knew a pet that would be perfect for Shingo. Shingo and Mika went to the pet shop, Perfume. When they went in, it smelled like perfume inside. Mika said that the scent was put out by the animals there, called Shaneera. Also each one had a different scent. Shingo stopped and stared at on of the Shaneera. The Shaneera's eyes light up and hypnotized Shingo. Then Shingo took the Shaneera out of the box and said that he wanted that one. Mika had taken one of them too. Then the store woman (a youma) came by and said that they could pay for it any time they wanted. So Shingo and Mika took the Shaneeras home. On the way home, they just stared at their Shaneeras and said that they didn't need anything else.

At home, Luna told Usagi that she had failed. Luna said that she didn't have to be a pet. But Usagi told Luna not to give up. Then Shingo came into Usagi's room with his Shaneera. Luna saw this as a chance and slowly walked up to Shingo, pretending to be a very cute cat. But when Luna got next to Shingo's leg, Shingo kicked Luna away. Shingo said that he was going to keep the Shaneera as a pet. "Hurry up and chase that cat away." Then Usagi started crying, and Shingo left. Luna said that she was all right, and Usagi apologized to her. Then Usagi's mother called them down for tea.

Shingo brought the Shaneera down to tea. He said that he wanted to keep it as a pet. Their parents said that they should keep both Luna and the Shaneera. But Shingo said that he didn't want Luna.

Shingo went to his room and put the Shaneera on his desk. Then Shingo just stared at it.

The next morning when Usagi went to Shingo's room to tell him that he was going to be late for school, Shingo said that he wasn't going to go to school that day. When Usagi took a peek inside, he was still staring at the Shaneera.

At school many girls had brought the Shaneera to the classroom. They had the Shaneeras out on their desks, and kept staring at them. Naru said that the Shaneeras were very popular now. Then Haruna-sensei came, and Usagi told everyone to put their Shaneeras away.

During class, one of the female students couldn't stand it any more and took out her Shaneera. Then the other students started to take theirs out too. When Haruna noticed something wrong, she went to the student's desk and spotted the Shaneera. Haruna was going to take it away, but the female student pushed Haruna away, sending her crashing into other desks. Then the girls got up and left the classroom, holding their Shaneeras.

Later Usagi and Naru were talking about the Shaneera. Usagi asked where they were selling them, and Naru told her that it was at the pet shop Perfume. Usagi wanted to go check it out, and asked Naru. But Naru said that she had to go to cram school that day. So Usagi decided to go alone.

When Usagi was in front of the pet shot, Mamoru spotted her. Usagi asked, "Why do you always appear in front of me?"
Mamoru said, "I'll turn that question right back at you. Are you going to buy a Shaneera too?"
Usagi said, "Why?"
Mamoru said, "A scent of perfume doesn't suit you." Then Usagi got mad and walked into the store.

Usagi saw many cute Shaneeras. Then Luna came by. She told Usagi not to be fooled, and not to look at the eyes of the Shaneera. But it was too later. Usagi got hypnotized by the Shaneera, and Usagi grabbed it out of the box.

On the way home, Usagi was carrying the Shaneera. Luna followed Usagi, and told her that she should return the Shaneera. But Usagi said (very meanly), "If you get any closer, I'll kick you away. I hate you!" Luna knew that Usagi was under the influence of the Shaneera, and still followed her.

Then a little girl on a tricycle fell and started crying. Usagi just walked by without doing anything. Luna went to the girl to comfort her. After the little girl stopped crying, Luna went to Usagi and jumped on her head. Luna forcefully took the Shaneera away from Usagi and threw it away. Then Usagi woke up.

Usagi and Luna rushed home to save Shingo from the Shaneera. At home, Usagi tried to grab the Shaneera away from Shingo. But Shingo wouldn't give it up and they struggled with each other. Then Usagi slapped Shingo in the face. Usagi quickly apologized. But Shingo took the Shaneera and ran away. Usagi was feeling dejected, but Luna told her to go after Shingo to the pet shop. So Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

At the pet shop, the store owner was with a lot of kids. (Shingo and Mika were there too.) She told them to spread the Shaneera around. Then Sailor Moon appeared. After Sailor Moon speech, the store owner turned into a youma. Sailor Moon was very scared. The kids all turned into monsters and started chasing Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon hid and said that Tuxedo Kamen should be coming along to help her. But the youma attacked, and Sailor Moon said, "He didn't come!" Luna told Sailor Moon not to depend on other people.

When the kids started coming toward her, Sailor Moon didn't know what to do. Luna told her to use the tiara, but Sailor Moon said that Shingo was among the kids. So Luna told her to use the moon tiara stardust technique. (just like moon tiara action, but the tiara sprinkles stardust on the opponents) So Sailor Moon used the moon tiara stardust to turn the kids back.

Then the youma started chasing Sailor Moon, and they ran outside. But the youma's tail caught Sailor Moon. Luna told Sailor Moon that the weak point of the youma was at the base of the tail. So Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action to defeat the youma.

Just when Sailor Moon was feeling relieved, Shingo came running to her. Sailor Moon quickly hid behind a car. Shingo thought that Sailor Moon was Sailor V, and wanted an autograph. "I'm a big fan."
But Sailor Moon said, "I'm Sailor Moon."
Shingo said, "Since you're cute, it doesn't matter," and asked for Sailor Moon's autograph.
Then Sailor Moon asked Shingo to be nice to Luna, and Shingo agreed.

The next day at breakfast, Shingo was very nice to Luna. He was feeding her some breakfast with his spoon.

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