Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 6

Episode title
Mamore koino melody! Usagi ha cupid
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.16
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 2.]
Queen Beryl was listening to some music. There was a plant on a table in front of her. The plant wilted and died away. The music had stolen the energy from the plant. Jadeite said that the music had subliminal waves that would work the same way on humans. Queen Beryl was delighted and told Jadeite to try it out. Then Jadeite sent one of his youma to do the job with a tape of the subliminal music.

Usagi was at Naru-chan's room relaxing and listening to music. Naru-chan was playing some jazz, by a artist called Amade Yuusuke. Naru-chan thought that Yuusuke would be a nice older man and wanted to go on a date with him. Usagi said that she would pass.

At a record studio, Jadeite's youma was trying to put the tape with the subliminal music into the recording machines. Then the copies made on that deck would contain the subliminal music. The virus would spread. But before she could do her job, someone came into the studio. A pretty woman came in and took the tape out of the deck. Then someone came to call Akiko, saying that Amade was waiting for her.

Akiko went to meet Amade, who was soaking wet because it was raining outside. Yuusuke had a bouquet of roses for Akiko, but he was too shy to give it to her. Akiko returned the demo tape to Yuusuke, saying that it was very good. When Yuusuke mentioned that it was Akiko's birthday, someone came for Akiko and called for her because of some recording trouble. Akiko ran off and told Yuusuke to use her umbrella. Akiko asked Yuusuke to think of a name for his music by next week. Yuusuke then looked at the case where he had written the name, "A Waltz for Akiko".

The youma followed Yuusuke after he left the studio. When Yuusuke noticed the youma, he ran off.

Usagi left Naru-chan's house with Luna. Usagi was going to stop by at the game center to play the Sailor V game, but Luna told her not to. Then Yuusuke came running down the street and ran into Usagi. Usagi fell down and got her brand new clothes all wet. Usagi got mad and yelled at Yuusuke, who was still on the ground. Then Yuusuke looked up at Usagi, who had a very mean look on her face, and cried out for help. He asked Usagi not to kill him. Then Usagi said that she wouldn't kill him just for knocking her down.

As Yuusuke and Usagi walked in the rain, Yuusuke told Usagi that he had been attacked by a monster. He thought that Usagi wouldn't believe him. Then they came to a live house and Yuusuke said that he had to work there. So he gave Usagi his name card and ran off. Usagi was surprised that it was the Amade Yuusuke from the CD that she had heard.

Luna told Usagi that it must be one of the youma after Yuusuke. So she said that they couldn't leave him alone. Usagi thought it was a great chance to look into the adult's world. When they got to the live house, Luna said that they wouldn't let children inside. But Usagi used her magic stick to turn into a female musician. Before going in, Usagi told Luna that they wouldn't let cats inside. Luna started to worry.

Usagi went inside with Luna around her neck, as an accessory. Usagi sat down and saw Yuusuke playing the piano. Then the waiter came to take her order. "What would you like?"
Usagi answered, "Cream soda."
The waiter was surprised and said, "I'm sorry we don't have such things in this store."
Then Usagi said, "Oh, then I don't want anything." The shocked waiter walked away.

Usagi fell asleep while listening to the music. When she woke up, Yuusuke had already left.

In the parking lot in the basement, Yuusuke was looking at a picture of Akiko. Then some bats appeared. Then the youma appeared. The youma took the cassette tape away from Yuusuke. Usagi appeared before the youma could kill Yuusuke. So the youma flew away. Then Yuusuke said that he wanted his tape back.

Yuusuke and Usagi went in Yuusuke's car after the youma. Yuusuke that he wouldn't give that tape to anyone, not even a monster. Usagi said that she knew that he had written that song for Akiko. Then they followed the youma to the recording studio. Yuusuke said that Akiko was inside.

The youma had knocked everyone out. She was going to put her subliminal tape in the machine so that all of the tapes created there would have the subliminal message in it. But Yuusuke came up looking for Akiko. Luna also came and knocked the tape away from the youma. Usagi picked up the tape. Then the youma turned into her evil form, and asked for her tape back. Yuusuke noticed that the tape that Usagi was holding was not his. Then Akiko woke up. The youma grabbed Akiko and was about to kill her. So Usagi threw the tape up into the air. Yuusuke dove to Akiko to save her. Luna jumped up to grab the tape before the youma could get it. Then Luna dropped the tape, and stepped on it to smash it. Then the youma flew away through the window.

Luna told Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Moon and Luna went after the youma. The youma blasted Sailor Moon. The youma was using some sound wave attack. So Sailor Moon threw a microphone at the youma's sound wave attack. The speaker blasted the youma with her own sound waves amplified. Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action to defeat the youma.

Akiko was treating Yuusuke's wounds. She said that Yuusuke should be more careful because he wouldn't be able to play the piano if he injured his hand. But Yuusuke said that he wouldn't be able to play if anything happened to Akiko.

Later when Usagi was at Naru-chan's house listening to Yuusuke's CD, Naru-chan said that she was disappointed that Yuusuke had gotten married. Usagi agreed that Yuusuke was a nice guy.

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