Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 7

Episode Title
Usagi hansei! Star no michiha kibishii
[Usagi's reconsideration! The road to stardom is difficult]
Air Date
  • Summary by Jason Huhn 1997.03.14
Usagi runs to school again late as usual. Then stops for a minute and looks at a poster ad on a store window, with Mikan on it. But Naru runs along side and hits Usagi in the head telling her than they must head for school right away.

At school Naru apologized for hitting her in the head. Umino joins in and shows the girls a poster. The same poster that Usagi saw. He earned a copy. He even saved the information on his laptop computer. He even suggested that Usagi could be a superstar herself. Usagi was excited that she could be a superstar.

Later on, Jadeite sees Mikan signing autographs for her fans. He had an idea on how to gather energy for Queen Beryl, and Mikan could be part of the target. Queen Beryl told Jadeite to proceed with his plan.

Usagi and Naru decide to go Usagi's bedroom to do some warming up for becoming superstars. So they play the "Moonlight Densetsu" song. But Shingo barged in saying it's was too loud. But Naru gets Shingo to retreat after suggesting that they could use another back-up dancer. Naru and Usagi try to do some dancing and singing the "Moonlight Densetsu" song again. They have some problems with the movements and Usagi accidentally stepped on Naru's foot. Naru screamed while Usagi was pleased with her dance.

Naru said, "You were squashing my foot!"
Usagi said, "You're to close!"
Luna watches to the two girls. Naru suggested it would have been better to use Shingo instead of Usagi for this little performance. Usagi disagrees, and the two growl and stare at each other.

Luna says, "And they say cat fights are bad."

Later the Usagi's family were watching a show saw witnessed an animal act. Which gave Usagi an idea. Her parents thought what was wrong with her, thinking she may have eaten to much sweets or something.

Usagi returns to her room and asks Luna to help for doing a music video. Luna didn't like doing it, but Usagi told her that if she can talk, she can obviously dance as well.

Meanwhile, Umino was invited to go to Naru's apartment. Naru said it was some secret meeting. Naru let Umino in and dressed her up as a girl with lipstick. Umino didn't like the color he was wearing. He's normally used to dark clothing. Naru told her that this is her idea and she wanted to do this so they can be superstars themselves. Umino agreed.

Meanwhile, Mikan was at her home taking a shower, until the youma attacked Mikan straggling her and covering her with ice. The youma changes into Mikan and laughs at the Mikan trapped in the ice, out cold. Jadeite's plan was working perfectly.

Jadeite announces the introduction of Mikan as a youma. The fake Mikan tells the crowd that there's going to be a "Cinderella Caravan". She tells everyone to be in teams of two for this contest.

The fake Mikan begins the "Cinderella Caravan". His agent and an officer was wondering why she was where she shouldn't be. But the fake Mikan uses powers to make them be part of the "Cinderella Caravan". The two guys do some moves which were good as the fake Mikan's example for the contest.

Usagi was excited to be in the "Cinderella Caravan", but Luna refuses to participate, because of business with the dark kingdom. Usagi cries, but Luna said that crying won't help at all. She runs off and sees Mamoru. She hides around the corner, but Mamoru find her telling her if she should be at the "Cinderella Caravan."

Back at the caravan, all the teams of two were approved by the fake Mikan and told them they have all advanced to the final round at an auditorium. The fans were all excited and were ready to go to the final round tomorrow night.

The next day, Usagi runs to school late as usual. But when Usagi made it to class, she actually saw the students all busy and prepareding for the "Cinderella Caravan". Naru, Umino and the rest of the students are all busy preparing for their performances. Streamers were handed out by Umino and then they were thrown, one of the streamers hit Umino in the face.

Back outside, the students were all excited for the big night at the "Cinderella Caravan", but others have argued over who's going to win the contest. Usagi hopes this gets over and done with after the contest is finished.

At the auditorium, everyone was all ready for the performance. The crowd was just shadows applauding, created by the fake Mikan was ready to collect the performer's energy for the dark kingdom and Queen Beryl. She turns a little gadget along the top of her dress, and all of the performer's energies were sucked into that gadget.

Usagi witness this with the youma turning around showing her youma face saying, "Can I help you dear?"

That made Usagi so scared, she ran out of the auditorium and ran of into the men's rest room. Luna follows her thinking she's going vomit or something. Luna tells her it's time to become Sailor Moon. So Usagi exits one of the bathrooms, and changes into Sailor Moon.

After the youma as Mikan, collected all the energy from the performers on stage, the curtain closed and heard a voice. The youma wanted to know what was going on. So the lights went out briefly and Sailor Moon appeared when the lights went back on. She wouldn't forgive her for what the fake Mikan had done. And she'd punish her for doing so. The youma changed back into her true self and attacks Sailor Moon with ice. Sailor Moon gets scared and runs off the stage.

Sailor Moon decides to hide under the seats, hoping that the youma wouldn't find her there. But the youma spotted her and covered all of her body with ice. Once Sailor Moon was all ice covered, a red rose was thrown on Sailor Moon's hand and the ice shattered. The youma turns around and sees that guy who threw the rose. It was Tuxedo Kamen located on a balcony. He tells Sailor Moon to believe in herself, then exits. The youma decides to follow him. But Luna tells Sailor Moon to throw the youma from behind, while she's being distracted and not looking at her. So Sailor Moon used her tiara saying her Moon Tiara Action, and threw the tiara at the youma from behind destroying her, as well as the little gadget with the energies from the performers on stage. All of the performers have recovered, with their energy back. And Mikan was recovering too back home in her shower, dazed and confused as to what happened to her.

Back at Usagi's bedroom, Luna was happy that Usagi saved her friends from the dark kingdom. But told Usagi to use all of her energy.. to study. But Usagi didn't like that request at all.

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