Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 8

  • Script by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.10.25
    (I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 2. So it might not contain all of the dialogue.)
Usagi was reading a manga in the living room sofa.

Mother		Usagi
Usagi		Oh mom.  Look at this.  It's so funny.
Mother		Ha, ha..  It's not time to be doing something like this.
 How did you do on that last test?
Usagi		They will post the scores tomorrow.
Mother		Usagi!  I'm not asking for too much.  Just don't flunk.
Usagi		There's always someone who comes in first.  So, there's
 always someone who comes in last.  It's so pitiful if you
 scold that child because her grades are bad.
Mother		You're becoming the master of saying stupid things.

That night Usagi was in her room.

Luna		Yeah, you should study a little bit.
Usagi		You think it's so easy.  Cats have it so easy.
Luna		Hey!  I have a lot to do to find the princess.
 Oh, you're reading a manga!  I want you to think a
 little bit more about the situation.  You have to find
 the princess and fight against the enemy.
 This is your destiny.
Usagi		I don't want to.  By the way who is our enemy.
Luna		It's not human.  It's some evil.
Usagi		I don't understand.
Luna		I don't know the details of our enemy either.

Luna was talking to the Sailor V game in the game center.

game		Please play the Sailor V game.
Luna		This is Luna.  Code name 0091.
 The password is the rabbit of the moon has some mochi.
game		The mochi of the moon is sticky.
Luna		It became bloated when I cooked it.
game		Did you find the princess?
Luna		No, Sailor Moon is a lot worse than I expected.
 I feel a new strange energy.  It's this person.
game		It might be a youma sent in by the enemy.
 Please investigate quickly.
Luna		Ok.

The next day they posted the scores of the test.

student1	Mizuno Ami from the 5th class is first again.
student2	They say she's a genius.
Usagi		As expected Mizuno was first in our school again.
friend		No Usagi, she's number 1 in Japan.
Usagi		What!  In the country?
Umino		They say that her IQ is 300.
Usagi		Wow, she's a genius.
Umino		Ask me anything.
Naru		Where did he come from?
Usagi		That's Mizuno-san.
Umino		They say she goes to Crystal Seminar cram school.
Usagi		That's the one that was recently build.
 My mom said that it's very expensive.
Umino		But she's a special student so she goes for free.
friend		But she's so stuck up because she's so smart.
Usagi		Is that so..

Usagi stared at Ami. Ami looked back at the group.

Usagi		Oh.  Ha, ha..  The weather's nice today..

Usagi was walking home from school.

Usagi		But I wish I was smart.  My mom will kill me.

Usagi imagined her mother strangling her.

Mother		Usagi, go to cram school!

Usagi then saw Ami walking down the street.

Usagi		That's Mizuno-san.

Luna appeared and jumped on Ami's back.

Ami		What.  Kya!
Luna (think)	As expected, I feel a strange energy.
Ami		A cat.
Luna (think)	Oh no, I shouldn't be doing this.
Ami		It's so soft.  If we didn't live in an apartment,
 we can have a cute cat too.
Usagi		Luna.  I'm sorry.  Are you all right?
ami		Is it your cat?
Usagi		Yeah.  Her name is Luna.
Ami		Since it came from the sky, I thought it was an angel.
Usagi		Luna, an angel?
Usagi (think)	This person is kind of cute.
Usagi		You're Mizuno Ami from the 5th class, right?
 I'm Tsukino Usagi from the 1st class.
 Nice to meet you.
Ami		Nice to meet you, too.  Luna means moon.
Usagi		As they say, you're a genius.  You knew it right away.
Ami		I'm not..
Usagi (think)	Hm..  I can become friends with her and learn some tricks
 for taking the test.
Luna		Usagi, this girl might be a youma that the enemy sent in.
 Please be careful.
Usagi		Ha, ha.  What are you talking about.
Ami		What happened?  So suddenly.
Usagi		It's nothing.
Usagi		Mizuno-san, do you play games?
Ami		No I never played before.
Usagi		Then let's go!  I'll teach you.

Usagi and Ami went to the game center. Usagi was playing the Sailor V game, and doing pretty badly.

Usagi		I didn't play too well today.  Why don't you try?
Ami		It seems so hard.
Usagi		At the beginning, if you get around 500 points
 it's pretty good.

Ami started playing the game.

Usagi		You're very good.
Ami		Really?
Usagi		Ha, ha.

ami was playing very well. She got 6900 points. Then she got up to 20,000 and kept getting more points.

Usagi		It can't be.

A large crowd had gathered around Ami.

person		She got a new record high.
Motoki		Hi Usagi.  I didn't you know you were here.
Usagi		Hi.
Motoki		Wow.  She's great.
Usagi		She is.
Usagi (think)	Oh no.  The tricks for the test..
Ami		Oh it's so late.
 I'm sorry Tsukino-san.  I have to go to cram school.

Ami suddenly stood up and made her way through the crowd. Usagi followed Ami.

Usagi		I'm sorry.  Is today the day for cram school?
Ami		I go everyday.
Usagi		Everyday.
Ami		The only thing I can do is study.
 Good-bye.  Thanks for everything.
Usagi		Bye.
Usagi		She seems like a person from a different world.
Motoki		Usagi.
Usagi		Yes?
Motoki		I think this is something that that girl dropped.
Usagi		Oh, is that it.
Motoki		What?
Usagi		It's nothing.  I'll take it for her.

There was a youma at Crystal Seminar cram school.

youma (instructor)	Foolish humans.
 Study hard and give us the mental energy.
Ami		Oh no?  The floppy's gone.  I must have dropped it.
 But I don't use it much anyways.
instructor	Mizuno-san.  Please use the crystal disk and study hard.
Ami		Ok..
instructor	I'm counting on you.
Ami		My head hurts whenever I use that disk.

Usagi and Luna arrived at the Crystal Seminar.

Usagi		Oh.  It says that you can be a genius too if you use
 the newly developed crystal disk.
 I wonder if this is the crystal disk.
Luna		Be careful.  This cram school seems fishy too.
Usagi		I'm just going to return the disk.
 There's nothing to worry about.
Mamoru		So did you decide to study a little bit.
Usagi		You again.
Mamoru		Wasn't that cat talking just now?
Usagi		What!  What are you talking about.
 There's no way a cat can talk!  You're so stupid.

Usagi and Luna ran away.

Luna		That was close.
Usagi		Yeah.  Oh no.  I forgot to return this!
 It's all his fault.
Luna		Usagi let's go to the computer room of the school.
 I want to check that disk.
Usagi		You think there's something fishy about this disk?
 I'm telling you now, I don't know how to use a computer.

At school Luna was investigating the disk with the computer.

Usagi		Wow.  Luna, you're pretty smart.
Luna		Anybody can use a PC these days.
 As I expected!
Usagi		What's this terrible sound?
computer	For our master.  Give the knowledge and mental energy.
Luna		This is a brain washing program.
 That girl is a youma.

Usagi and Luna went to Crystal Seminar.

Usagi		I still don't believe it.
Luna		Just transform now.
Usagi		Moon power, become a university hospital nurse.
nurse		I heard that there was an emergency.
nurse		Everyone get away from the computer!
student		Ha..
nurse		What.
Ami		Who are you.  Don't interfere with everyone's studies.
nurse		So you were a youma.
Ami		What are you talking about?
nurse		Don't pretend.
 Moon prism power, make up!
Ami		It can't be..

The instructor grabbed Ami, and turned into a youma.

Sailor Moon	What?
instructor	Ha, ha..
youma		I'm the youma of knowledge, Garoben.
 I'll take the mental energy of this genius girl for
 our great master.
Sailor Moon	That means..
 I told you Mizuno-san is not a youma.
Luna		It's strange.
Sailor Moon	Stop it.
 A genius is only valuable when used for world peace.
 I won't give it to evil ones!
 For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful fighter
 Sailor Moon.  I'll punish you for the moon!
youma		Question number 1.  The genius Newton question.
 Why did the apple fall from the tree?
Sailor Moon	Huh?
 That's because..  Don't ask me, ask the apple.
youma		Stupid!
 If you can't answer, take this.
Sailor Moon	Ok.  I know.  It's because the typhoon came.
youma		You stupid.
Sailor Moon	Luna, help.
Luna		I don't believe it.  It's because of the earth's gravity.
Sailor Moon	It's because of the earth's gravity!
youma		Then question number 2.
 Explain what gravity is in under 50 words.
Sailor Moon	That's impossible.
youma		If you can't answer it, take this!
Sailor Moon	Oh no.

The youma grabbed Ami's head and stuck it at the computer monitor.

youma		Do it now.  Give me your genius mental energy.
Ami		Kya.
youma		The energy isn't being absorbed?  Why?
 Hey!  You didn't use the crystal disk.
Ami		Studying is something one does with his own power,
 not with a machine.
youma		What's this?
Luna		That mark is..
 That's it.  That strange energy was the Sailor Senshi..
youma		Then I'll just take your brain.
Ami		Ah.
Luna		Ami!  Take that pen.
youma		Don't waste your energy.
Luna		Yell out, Mercury power make up!
Ami		Mercury power, make up!
Luna		Ami was the second fighter, Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Moon	Ami!?
youma		How impudent.
Luna		Use the shabon spray.
Sailor Mercury	Shabon spray!
youma		What's this?
Sailor Moon	Oh.
youma		My body is getting cold.
 There!  Oh no!
Sailor Mercury	Now, Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon	Moon tiara action!
Sailor Moon	Everyone, it's ok now.
Sailor Mercury	I..
Luna		Yeah, you're the second beautiful fighter,
 Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Moon	Sailor Mercury..
Sailor Mercury	Sailor Moon..

Later, Usagi was with Ami.

Usagi		I'm sorry I thought you were a youma.
Ami		Don't worry about it.
Usagi		I'm glad you were one of us.  It's very encouraging.
Ami		Really..
Usagi (think)	Especially for the test.
Ami		Usagi, let's fight against the enemy together.
Usagi		Um..  Yeah, let's be good friends.
Usagi (think)	She's so good.  I think I'm going to lose.

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