Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 9

Episode title
Usagi no sainan! Awate dokeini goyoujin
[Usagi's misfortune! Beware of the rushing clock]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.29
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 2]
Queen Beryl was with Jadeite. She was upset that the second Sailor Senshi had appeared. She said that she had to hurry and get more energy. Jadeite came up with a plan to steal energy by making people hurry and panic.

Usagi and Ami were window shopping in Harajuku. This was the first time that Ami had come to Harajuku. Usagi and Ami were having a lot of fun. Then they went to a book store. They both had grabbed some books. Usagi asked, "Ami, what kind of books do you read?"
Ami said, "Let's show each other, ok?" Then they both looked at the books that the other one had chosen. They were both shocked.
Usagi said, "It's all words."
Ami said, "It's all mangas!"

Then they saw a brand new clock store. Usagi dragged Ami inside, saying that they would just look around. Ami was surprised at how inexpensive everything was. Usagi spotted an alarm clock shaped like a cat. Usagi said that it looked like Luna, and wanted to buy it because she was always late for school. But Usagi didn't have enough money. When Usagi started crying that she would break the record for being late for school, Ami said that she would go pick her up in the morning.

When Usagi got home, she discovered that her mother had bought several clocks at that new store. One of them was the clock of the black cat for Usagi. Usagi was very happy. When Usagi told Luna that the cat looked like her, Luna got upset.

Usagi went to sleep thinking that she could wake up in time to meet Ami the next day. Then at midnight a strange light came out from the new clock and shone on Usagi. Luna woke up and thought there was something fishy about the clock.

The next morning Ami went to Usagi's house at 7 AM. But Usagi's mother told her that Usagi had left already. Ami was surprised. Usagi's mother said that Shingo had left home before 6, and told Ami that she should hurry to school.

At 7:30 many students were running to school. They were worried as there was only one hour before class started.

In Usagi's class about one half of the students had arrived. Haruna was very impatient and said, "So late!"
Naru said, "I can't wait any longer. I'll go get everyone!"
Usagi had eaten her lunch and said, "Me too! I can't just sit here."
Umino was also there and said, "I don't feel calm."
Then Haruna said, "That's it! Today, just study on your own. We have no choice. It's 8 and this many people aren't here yet. Today I have a date anyways."
Usagi said, "I'm going to go home. Since I ate my lunch, there's nothing else to do."
Naru said, "Yeah, we can't waste our precious time!"

All over town people were in a hurry. Ami was wondering what was going on. Then Luna came running to her with the cat clock tied to her body. She said that there was something fishy about the clock. She asked Ami to investigate. They went to a park and sat down on a bench. Then Luna gave Ami a small device. It was a miniature super computer. When Ami opened the cat clock, a light flashed out into the sky. Then Luna looked inside and found out that the clock was empty. Luna said that this clock must have something to do with all of the people panicing.

The drivers were in a hurry and caused accidents. Jadeite was with his youma at a large clock where all of the people's energy were gathering. He cautioned the youma and said that the Sailor Senshi might appear.

Usagi was on a bus caught in traffic. Usagi was complaining that the bus wasn't moving. But the bus driver yelled back at her. Then the bus suddenly swerved and Usagi fell down, hitting her head. The bus went into the opposite lane and went by the bus stop. An old woman complained that she wanted to get off. But the bus driver said that he was going to go all the way to the last stop without stopping. The old woman then tried to fight the bus driver.

Ami and Luna were looking for Usagi. Luna was saying that it was too dangerous for Ami to go fight alone. Then they heard a loud crash. A bus had crashed into an electric pole. "What are you doing. I'm very busy!" Usagi yelled at the bus driver as she got off of the bus. Then Ami spotted Usagi.

Usagi and Ami went with Luna to the clock store. Usagi wanted to go attack right away, saying that she was very busy. Ami said that they should go to the back door, but Usagi wanted to go in from the front. Then Usagi transformed. Sailor Moon told Ami to transform too. After Ami transformed, Sailor Moon threw her tiara to blast a hole in the front door. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury ran into the hole. But before Luna could follow them, the door sealed up and returned to normal.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury ran into a room with a big clock where the youma was waiting. The youma vanished into the clock and challenged the Sailor Senshi to follow her. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury went into a strange room. The youma was nowhere to be seen. Sailor Moon was still rushing and started to wonder around. Sailor Mercury turned on her computer and warned Sailor Moon to be careful.

The youma called out for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon yelled back, but couldn't find her. Then Sailor Moon started shrinking. She became smaller and smaller. Then Sailor Mercury called for Sailor Moon to return to her. When the little Sailor Moon returned, she recovered to normal size. Sailor Mercury found out that there were rooms where time went faster, slower, or backwards. So Sailor Moon waited impatiently for Sailor Mercury to find out the location of the youma with her computer.

Sailor Mercury finally discovered the way to the youma. When Sailor Moon ran forward, she fell down in front of the youma. Sailor Moon couldn't get up because the youma's clock was stealing her energy. When Sailor Mercury tried to help Sailor Moon, the youma blasted her with some energy. Sailor Mercury couldn't move any more. The youma went closer to the helpless Sailor Moon.

Then Tuxedo Kamen appeared and threw a rose at the clock. This released the energy that the youma was stealing from the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury were able to move. Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray to immobilize the youma. After being helped up, Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action to blast the youma.

When the youma died, the clock store disappeared. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury returned to Usagi and Ami. Luna was happy to see the two girls. As they were walking back, Usagi said that she had enough of hurrying and rushing. Then Naru came running and said that there was a cake store which was having a free speed eating service. Usagi immediately rushed to catch up to Naru. But Usagi fell down and started crying.

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