Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 10

Episode title
Norowareta Bus! Honoo no senshi Mars toujou
[The cursed bus! The fighter of flames Mars appears]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.04
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 3]
Queen Beryl was worried about the two Sailor Senshi that appeared. She didn't want them to get the ginzuishou. Queen Beryl told Jadeite to finish off the Sailor Senshi while getting the energy from humans.

On the way home from school, Usagi noticed some police cars passing by. Usagi said, "I wonder what happened. Hi Ami-chan."
Ami was waiting at a bus stop. Ami said, "Hi Usagi-chan. Hi Luna."
Usagi asked, "Where are you going?"
Ami said, "I have to go to cram school."
Usagi asked, "You're going to take the bus?"
Ami said, "Since I'm a senshi, I have to get a lot of knowledge so I can help out Luna."
Luna was happy and said, "Very good. But in comparison, somebody.."
Usagi said, "Ha ha.. The bus is late. Oh another police car. Maybe something happened."

Naru and another friend came. The friend said that a bus containing 50 people disappeared at a bus stop down the road, and that the police were investigating it. There was a shrine near that bus stop. The Hikawa shrine was famous for its good luck charm, and the spiritual girl who was very good at seeing the future.
Usagi said, "Maybe I'll go buy one."
Ami said, "Can you buy one for me?"
Usagi said, "Let's go together."
Ami said, "I can't. I have to go to cram school. Since there is a mock test coming up, I can't get sick while I study."

At Hikawa shrine, the spiritual girl felt some evil approaching. Three high school girls were at the shrine praying for things to go well with their boy friends. One of the helpers of the shrine (a blonde guy) was nearby sweeping the grounds. It was Jadeite, and he said, "We'll take your very determined energy."

When Usagi, Naru, and their friend went to the Hikawa shrine, a little old man came up to them and said that they were cute. He asked them if they would like to work for him. Then the spiritual girl came and scolded her grandfather. Rei said that there were some bad rumors about him recently. Usagi thought that Rei was very cool and said that she might want to work there.

When the three high school girls were walking out of the shrine, Jadeite blasted them with some of his evil energy. Rei noticed the evil force nearby. She immediately took out her anti-evil ghost sign and put it on Usagi's head. Usagi fell down and passed out.

Usagi was sleeping on a room in the shrine. Jadeite came with some cold water and some tools. Luna caught a glimpse of him and thought that she had seen him somewhere before. Naru and her friend saw him and said that he was good looking. Then Usagi immediately woke up and asked where the cool guy was. Naru asked Rei, "Is that your brother?"
Rei answered, "No. My grandfather has a habit of picking up people. He doesn't care if it is girls or boys. So he picked up that guy when he came here. Now he is living here with us, and working for us. I'm sorry Usagi. Something is wrong with me recently. All of my feelings and predictions are wrong.."

Luna thought that this girl was the princess that they were looking for.

There was a lot of school girls near the shrine. Luna said, "Usagi, something feels bad. I think the enemy is involved. Hurry up and call Ami-chan." Usagi said that Ami was busy, but Luna insisted, "A lot of people have vanished. Hurry up and call her from the cram school."

When Ami arrived, there were a lot of school girls lined up at the bus stop. They all had the charm from the Hikawa shrine. Then the bus came. All of the girls got on. Ami said, "Let's get on, Usagi!" Usagi was scared and said, "But.. I don't want to!" Usagi grabbed the bus stop sign. The bus took off. They they saw the bus vanish right in front of them.

The next day Usagi went to Hikawa shrine. Rei was there, and Usagi said, "I saw it! Yesterday the 6 o'clock bus vanished."
Rei got mad and said, "Are you saying it is our fault too? The police came many times."
Usagi said, "No! I didn't mean that."
Rei yelled out, "Just go home!"
Usagi said, "I'll come again. Bye."
When Usagi left, Rei saw that Usagi had dropped a strange pen.

Some more school girls had come to buy more charm. Rei noticed that business had picked up since that blonde guy came to help out. But Rei was suspicious of him.

Usagi and Luna were still hanging around the shrine. Usagi asked, "Luna, why did you give the pen to Rei-chan?"
Luna said, "There's something that I want to check out."
Usagi asked, "Check out? What?"
Luna said, "I'll tell you later. But you have to ride the bus today."
Usagi said, "Ok. But.. Ami-chan is late. Oh no, the bus came.."
Luna said, "We have to get on the bus by ourselves!"
Usagi said, "I don't want to! I'm scared," and Usagi grabbed the Hikawa shrine sign. Luna tried to pull Usagi away. As the bus was starting to pull away, Usagi pulled out her transformation pen. Usagi transformed herself into a stewardess. She said that she wouldn't be as scared this way. When she got on the bus, she saw that everyone was unconscious. Then the bus went through the hole into the other dimension. Ami ran to the bus stop, but she arrived just as the bus disappeared.

Rei was at the fire in the shrine. She figured out that the behind all of the trouble was the blonde helper. Then Jadeite appeared before Rei. Since Rei had discovered that he was the evil one, Jadeite created a hole and sent Rei through it.

Usagi and Luna fell out of the bus. They saw Rei falling through the air. The bus driver caught Rei. Then he turned into a youma. Usagi cried that she didn't want to do this any more, but she transformed herself into Sailor Moon.

The youma was choking Rei. A mark appeared on her forehead. Rei's crows came and attacked the youma. When the youma let go of Rei, Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action to capture the youma. Sailor Moon went to Rei to see if she was all right. Then Luna told Rei to use the pen that she had picked up at the shrine. She told Rei that she was Sailor Mars. Rei said, "Mars power. Make up!" and turned into Sailor Mars.

The youma had gotten out of the grasp of Sailor Moon's tiara. Sailor Mars used her fire soul attack to kill the youma. Then Luna said, "Oh no! The power of Rei-chan's fire is destroying the hole into this dimension. We have to get out of here fast."
Usagi asked, "How?"
Luna said, "I don't know.."

Ami was still by the bus stop. She took out her pen and wished that everyone was all right. In the other dimension, Sailor Mars spotted a light coming from the hole. Sailor Moon guessed that it must be Ami who was showing them the way to return. Then Tuxedo Kamen came driving one of the buses. He told the Sailor Senshi to hurry up. Sailor Mars said that he looked very cool. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars got on the bus and they all returned to the normal dimension.

Sailor Moon hugged Ami as soon as she got out of the bus. Then Sailor Moon went to the bus. Tuxedo Kamen was already gone. Sailor Mars said, "He's gone.."
Sailor Moon was surprised and said, "It can't be.. Do you like Tuxedo Kamen too?"
Sailor Mars tried to deny it and said, "I just wanted to say thanks." Then she walked away and said, "You're just going through a one-sided love with him, right."
"One sided.." Sailor Moon became very sad and started crying.

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