Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 11

Episode title
Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume Land no Akumu
[Usagi and Rei face off? The nightmare of Dream Land]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.08
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 3]
The three girls were in Rei's room. Luna said that she was happy to see the three together. While Luna was talking, Usagi spotted a Sailor V manga. But Rei took it away from her, saying that she hadn't read it yet. Ami found an encyclopedia and said that it was very good. Usagi and Rei started fighting over the manga. Then Luna yelled out and told them to be more like Sailor Senshi. When Rei asked what they had to do, Luna said, "You three have to work together to find the princess." But Luna didn't know how, as she still lacked a lot of information. So Ami said that while Luna was gathering information, they should do something else like protecting the public. Then Ami spotted an article in the newspaper. In just one week, 50 people had disappeared in the new amusement park Dream Land.

Queen Beryl was upset at Jadeite for causing the third Sailor Senshi to appear. She said that there wasn't that many chances left for him. Jadeite said that he already had a plan to get a lot of energy and also kill the Sailor Senshi.

A lot of reporters were at Dream Land. When the reporters asked the blonde guard (Jadeite), he said that the number of people coming in and going out were the same every day. The three girls went into Dream Land. Rei said, "If that's true, the people must be disappearing on the way home."
Luna said, "But it's strange that the people coming here vanish."
Rei said, "Yeah."
Ami noticed Usagi was not with them and said, "Oh, where's Usagi?" Then they all heard Usagi yell out to them from the merry-go-round.

The three girls were sitting on a bench and Luna yelled at Usagi. Usagi apologized. Then Rei hit Usagi on the back and told her to act more like a Sailor Senshi. Rei's force knocked Usagi off of the bench. When Usagi looked up off of the ground, she saw a lion staring at her. Usagi quickly jumped away and climbed on top of Rei. The lion said, "Hello."

A girl dressed up in a princess-like costume came by and said that it was a remote control robot. Usagi noticed that the girl was Princess Dream. Usagi said that she always wanted to meet her and jumped off of Rei's head. When Usagi went to the princess and the lion, some more remote control animals came by. Usagi was very happy. But Rei noticed something strange. Usagi was riding on top of a bear. Then Rei grabbed Usagi and pulled her off. Usagi said, "What are you doing?"
Rei said quietly to Usagi, "I feel some bad vibes from Princess Dream. Since you're so dull, you don't notice anything."
Usagi said, "Is that something you say to your senpai?" Then Princess Dream went off, saying that the candy show would start in one hour.

Luna suggested that they split up. Luna said that she would go with Ami, and told Usagi to go with Rei. Usagi was disappointed, and just stood there when Ami and Luna ran off. Usagi and Rei went and kept an eye on Princess Dream.
Usagi asked, "Are you still suspicious of Princess Dream?"
Rei replied, "My hunches are usually right."
Usagi said, "She doesn't look like someone who would do something bad. The animals are so cute too."
Rei said, "Oh no!" Then Rei jumped up and went towards Princess Dream and the animals. There was a boy riding on the bear. Rei said, "Don't ride on that animal."
Princess Dream said, "Why? It's all mechanical, but it's safe."
Rei said, "Just take him off."
Princess Dream took the boy off of the bear and said, "Come again and ride it later."
Then Usagi grabbed the boy and put him on top of the bear. Usagi said, "You should ride him now."
Rei said, "Hey!"
Usagi said, "It's all right." Then Usagi and Rei started fighting over the boy. They started to pull the boy apart. Then the little boy's mother came and yelled at them.

Usagi and Rei went on some of the rides. Rei felt like she was playing, but Usagi said that they were on patrol. Usagi and Rei were riding a little train. The train suddenly stopped. Usagi fell forward and hit the person in front of her. It was Mamoru. When Mamoru called Usagi "odango atama", Rei laughed. Then Rei told Usagi that Mamoru looked like Tuxedo Kamen. But Usagi quickly yelled out that he didn't look anything like Tuxedo Kamen.

When the candy house show was about to begin, Usagi and Rei went to the candy house. They met Luna and found out that Ami had already gone inside. Rei said that she felt some evil force.

Ami was inside the candy house. There were a lot of little kids inside and they were eating the candy that was all over the place. Then Ami saw Princess Dream come. She blew out some red gas out of her mouth. All of the kids and Ami saw some illusions and became very sleepy. Ami felt that this was where everyone was vanishing. Ami couldn't prevent herself from falling asleep.

Rei felt that something had happened inside. When she tried to go inside they discovered that the door was locked. Luna told Rei and Usagi to transform. Sailor Mars then used her fire soul to blast a hole in the door.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars ran inside. They met Princess Dream. Princess Dream blew out her red gas and made Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars see some illusions. She then went to Sailor Moon and tried to give her a ring of flowers. But Sailor Mars grabbed it and pushed Princess Dream away. The the ring of flowers turned into a snake and bit Sailor Mars' arm. The snake dropped to the ground and turned to stone. Sailor Moon apologized to Sailor Mars. Then Princess Dream said that the poison would go around and turn Sailor Mars' arm into stone. The stone had already started forming around Sailor Mars' hand. Then Sailor Mars took out the anti-ghost sign and put it on the stone. The stone shattered and her arm returned to normal. Then Sailor Mars yelled out, "Show us your true identity!"

Princess Dream's head went into her body. Her dress changed into a more evil costume. Then a scary head popped out of the neck. Princess Dream was a youma. Then the youma blew out her red gas and created another illusion. Luna warned them to be careful of the illusions. Sailor Moon said that they wouldn't get caught by it any more.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars heard hoof steps. Then they saw Tuxedo Kamen appear riding a horse. Luna said that it was a trap, but Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars (both with hearts in their eyes) went up onto the horse with Tuxedo Kamen. The youma was going to steal their energy, but a rose came flying at her. When the youma dropped the apple, the illusion disappeared. Before the youma could create another illusion, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Luna ran away.

Ami woke up and saw Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars running toward her. She thought that they had come to help her out. But the youma was right behind them. Then Ami got up and transformed. The three Sailor Senshi faced the youma. Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray to confuse the youma. Sailor Mars jumped and put her anti-evil sign on the youma's face. Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action and Sailor Mars used her fire soul to blast the youma.

Later Luna said, "You won because you three put your power together. Don't forget about that." Ami was holding Luna. Usagi and Rei were eating ice cream.
Usagi said, "Hey isn't that one bigger?"
Rei said, "What are you talking about! You're the one who chose."
Usagi said, "Change it with me."
Rei said, "No way"
Rei started running away. Usagi chased after her. Usagi lost her balance and dropped her ice cream.

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