Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 12

Episode title
Watashi datte karega hoshii! Goukasen no wana
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.09.27
Jadeite was watching a video of Sailor Moon. Youma Tetis appeared and said that she would help Jadeite. Jadeite wanted to chase Tetis away, but Tetis said that she had a plan to get a lot of energy. She said that she had the "Romantic Cruise Strategy".

At school Usagi was looking at an advertisement and saying to Naru that she wanted to go on the romantic cruise. Naru said that tickets were booked one month in advance. Then Umino came and said that it was great. He said that if a boy and girl stayed on the ship all night, they would become a couple for sure. But Usagi said that that would not be the case with Umino. Then Umino also said that he had tickets for it, but gave them away. When Usagi and Naru complained, Umino said that they were junior high students, so they shouldn't be going out that late at night. But Umino also said that the prize for the raffle in the Juubangai shopping district was a pair of tickets. Then Usagi zoomed out of the classroom.

In the Juubangai shopping district, Usagi tried the raffle ten times, but failed to win the first prize. She was feeling disappointed and she ran into Rei. When Usagi told Rei about it, Rei said that she wasn't interested and that they had no time to be doing this kind of thing.

Then Rei walked over to the raffle and heightened her ki. Rei did the raffle and got the first prize. Rei was very happy, and Usagi said that Rei's actions didn't match her words. Usagi said, "What you say and what you do are different."

Later Usagi tried to get the tickets from Rei, but Rei said, "This is something you go with a boy friend."
Usagi said, "You don't have one."
Rei said, "Shut up."
Usagi said, "See, you don't have anyone."
Rei said, "I'm different from you. I have one or two.."
Then Luna came by and told them to stop it. Then Ami came, and Rei pulled Ami away.

At a coffee shop, Rei showed Ami the tickets to the cruise. Ami said that Usagi was the one who wanted to go, but Rei said that the word "romantic" didn't suit Usagi. Rei also said that it would be good for Ami to experience it. Then Ami agreed to go with Rei.

The night of the cruise, Usagi and Luna went to the dock. Usagi said that she was going to go on board. Luna asked how. Then Usagi took out the transformation pen. Luna was shocked and said that it was supposed to be used when fighting for justice. But Usagi said, "Moon power, become a very pretty camera woman." Usagi transformed into a VERY cute, short haired camera woman. Then Usagi stuck Luna into her camera bag, and snuck on board.

Rei was wearing a short red dress [nice], and Ami was wearing a long green dress with frills [very nice].

The boat left the shore, and it was very rocky. Rei and Ami were walking on the deck. Rei wondered why everyone was having so much fun. Ami mentioned that they were the only couple on board that were just girls. Rei said that she had noticed too.

Usagi and Luna went off to the engine room. But Luna said that it was too quiet. Usagi said that they must have stopped, but Luna saw that they were moving. Then Jadeite (in a ship's captain uniform) came and asked Usagi what she was doing. Usagi thought that the captain was very handsome. Usagi said that she had gotten lost, and asked Jadeite to help her. Luna was in the camera bag, but noticed the evil energy.

Rei had a thought. With that many couples on board, there are some bound to get into fights. Then they can grab the guys that break up. Ami said that she should have stayed home and studied.

Usagi was hanging onto Jadeite's arm. Then Tetis (in a sailor outfit) came and called Jadeite away. Then Luna told Usagi that there was a lot of youma energy all over the ship.

Tetis and Jadeite were ready to get the energy of the 600 people on the ship. Usagi and Luna saw them talking through a window. Luna said that they must be youma.

Rei and Ami were eating dinner. Rei was wolfing down a lot and also making a lot of noise. Ami told her to eat more quietly, but Rei said that she didn't care and that she wanted to eat a lot. Then there was an announcement. The "romantic show" in the reception hall was going to begin soon.

Everyone on the ship went to the reception hall, and Tetis started her show. (Actually she was stealing energy.) Rei and Ami knew that it was a youma. But everyone else thought it was a great show.

Meanwhile Usagi and Luna were running around looking for the reception hall. Usagi had no idea where it was.

Eventually all of the couples got drained of energy and collapsed. Rei and Ami were the only ones left standing. Jadeite said that Tetis had taken the energy of love. So it didn't work on those two girls.

Then Tetis asked, "Why didn't you come with guys?"
Rei and Ami both got mad. [Ami's facial expression is very funny.] Then Tetis sent a youma after them. Rei and Ami wanted to fight, but they couldn't transform because their identity would be discovered.

Usagi finally found the reception hall, and transformed into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon arrived at the scene just as Jadeite and Tetis were going to leave. "For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. Going after only the energy of couples, those two girls there without boy friends are very pitiful. I'll punish you for the moon!"

Then Tetis attacked Sailor Moon. They went out onto the deck. Then Tetis got Sailor Moon against a wall.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mars blasted the other youma easily.

Then Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars went out to fight Tetis. Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray to wrap Tetis in bubbles. Sailor Mars used her fire soul attack. Then Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action to kill Tetis.

Before the Sailor Senshi could rest, Jadeite appeared and said, "I'm going to finish you off!" Jadeite was going to blast the Sailor Senshi, but he suddenly disappeared.

Queen Beryl had brought Jadeite back to the dark kingdom. Queen Beryl was very mad. "You used my important youma Tetis, and made her die." But Jadeite said that it wasn't his fault as it was all Tetis' plan.

When the youma power disappeared, the luxury ship turned back into a wreck, and all of the people on board had to get rescued.

Rei was feeling disappointed. But she said that she would still come the next time. Usagi said that she would too. Rei said that she wouldn't lose to Usagi, and they started fighting. Ami just opened a book and started studying.

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