Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 13

Episode title
Onnanokoha danketsuyo! Jadeite no saigo
[The girls are in unison! The end of Jadeite]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.29
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 3]
Queen Beryl was with Jadeite. She said, "Jadeite you gathered a lot of energy on earth. But you also made a lot of mistakes. The third Sailor Senshi appeared and you weren't able to defeat them. I'll give you a last chance. Finish off the Sailor Senshi. If you can't, you will sleep forever."

Usagi was looking at the night sky thinking about Motoki and Tuxedo Kamen. She thought that it would be great if Motoki was Tuxedo Kamen. Then an image of Jadeite appeared in the sky. "Listen Sailor Senshi! It's time to settle this. At 1 AM tomorrow night, come to the F runway of Haneda airport. If you don't come, I'll.." Jadeite created an illusion of Tokyo burning. "That was an illusion. But if you don't come, I'll make Tokyo a sea of fire."

Usagi and Ami gathered at Rei's shrine. They were deciding that what they should do. Rei said that she wanted to go fight. Ami thought that it was a trap. Usagi said that she was scared, so she didn't want to go.

At school the next day, everyone was talking it. Usagi was with Luna in the classroom. Usagi said, "Oh no. If everyone goes there, they'll get caught in the battle. Maybe I shouldn't go."
Luna said, "Usagi.."
Usagi said, "I'm just joking.." Then one of Usagi's friends asked her about it. She thought it was a joke. Then Umino said that it must be aliens. Naru said that Umino had been watching too many trashy SF movies. When the friend said that she wanted to go see for herself, Haruna came and said that they couldn't. Then Usagi said, "Yeah! If you have time to be playing at night, you should study at home." Haruna quickly checked to see if Usagi was sick, because Usagi said something logical. Usagi cried.

Later Usagi told Motoki about it. Motoki laughed and said that he agreed with Haruna. He said that he liked Usagi when she was herself and not normal. When Usagi left the game center, she was very happy. She jumped up and her shoe went flying. A voice said, "Ouch." Usagi discovered that the shoe had hit Mamoru. After an exchange of words, Mamoru insulted Usagi and asked if she couldn't talk like normal girls. Then Usagi said that she didn't want to talk like that because there was someone who liked her better this way. Mamoru said that that person must be dumb. Then Usagi started crying. "How could you.. I don't care if you say bad things about me, but you can't say bad things about Motoki."

That night Jadeite went to Haneda airport and put all of the guards to sleep. When Usagi, Ami, and Rei went to the deserted monorail station, an empty car came up and greeted them. They got in and went to the airport. When they arrived, they noticed a lot of policemen everywhere.

Rei felt some evil feelings. The guards started attacking the girls. Rei fought them off and led the girls away. Usagi wondered why the guards were after them. Ami thought something was wrong. Then Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury. Rei quickly followed and transformed into Sailor Mars. The guards all stopped in front of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mercury used her computer and discovered that all of the guards were just sand figures. Then Sailor Mars used her fire soul to blast them all. Just when the Sailor Senshi were feeling good, Jadeite came and said that he found out the identities of the Sailor Senshi.

Jadeite said that the Sailor Senshi were going to die anyways. He used his power to move some airplanes out on the runway after the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mars was going to blast the planes with her fire soul. But Luna said that the airplanes were very expensive and they wouldn't be able to pay it back in their lifetimes. So Sailor Mercury said that all they could do was to escape.

The Sailor Senshi ran away, but they eventually ran out of space as the runway ended at the ocean. Jadeite thought that he finally had the Sailor Senshi. But a red rose came flying by and the airplanes stopped. Tuxedo Kamen had come to fight Jadeite. Tuxedo Kamen and Jadeite fought each other and they both fell into the ocean.

When the Sailor Senshi ran to the edge of the runway, Jadeite came out of the ocean. Jadeite said that Tuxedo Kamen had died. Then Jadeite used his power to move the airplane at the Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi just tried to run away. Luna came and reminded them that they had to fight against Jadeite. So Sailor Mars said that Sailor Moon should be the decoy. Sailor Moon complained but she ran and let the planes chase her. Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray and lured Jadeite. Then Sailor Mars put her anti-evil sign on Jadeite's back. The airplanes started to surround Jadeite. Then the Sailor Senshi gathered.

Sailor Mars said, "Don't think girls are fools."
Sailor Moon said, "Girls aren't always just crying."
Sailor Mercury said, "You got caught in your own trap. Very foolish of you."

Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action. Jadeite ducked Sailor Moon's attack, but one of the airplanes was right behind him.

Jadeite struggled back to Queen Beryl. Jadeite was going to tell her the identity of the Sailor Senshi, but Queen Beryl was very upset at his failure and put him in a forever sleep.

The Sailor Senshi went to the edge of the runway to look for Tuxedo Kamen. Luna said that they should give up, but Sailor Moon started crying. Then Tuxedo Kamen came up behind them.

Sailor Mercury asked, "Why do you always help us, Tuxedo Kamen?"
Sailor Moon said, "Probably because he loves me."
Sailor Mars asked, "Who are you?"
Tuxedo Kamen said, "I can't tell you my identity now. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, please treasure your friendship. Bye!" Then Tuxedo Kamen went off.

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