Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 14

Episode title
Aratanaru kyouteki, Nephrite mano monshou
[A new formidable enemy, the evil coat of arms Nephrite]
Air date
Voice Actors
Nephrite (Mori Katsuji)
Zoisite (Nanba Keiichi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.29
    [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon anime manga book volume 4]
Queen Beryl told Nephrite that he was the new commander of the evil forces to get more energy. Nephrite said, "I won't be like Jadeite and grab energy from just anybody. I will get a lot of energy from just one person. People are controlled by the movement of the stars. I will read the movement of the stars and get the energy when it is the highest that it will be in their lifetime." Then Zoisite appeared and said that Nephrite seemed like he was full of confidence. Nephrite snapped back and told Zoisite to get lost because his job was to get the ginzuishou.

Nephrite figured out from the location of the stars that the person with the highest energy was Saionji Rui.

At school Naru and Usagi were watching a tennis match, along with a lot of other students. Saionji Rui was practicing. Then Naru called out, "Big sister Rui!" Usagi then said that she didn't know Rui was Naru's sister. Naru said that Rui was just a childhood friend who treated her very nice like a big sister.

Then a cool looking young man with long hair (Nephrite) came by to watch the match. Usagi and Naru immediately had hearts in their eyes. Nephrite jumped over the high fence into the tennis court and said, "Put more weight into the ball." Then he switched with the girl that Rui was playing against. He told Rui to serve. After Rui served, Nephrite hit the ball back very strongly. Rui tried to hit the volley back, but the force of the ball knocked the tennis racket out of her hand. Nephrite said, "With a serve like that a fly could stop on it." When Rui asked who he was, Nephrite answered, "Sanjouin Masato, a curious tennis coach." Then Sanjouin grabbed Rui's tennis racket which was on the court. Nephrite put a youma into the racket and gave it back to Rui. Then Sanjouin told Rui to just think about putting more weight into her serve.

After talking the advice Rui served to a boy and knocked him down. Everyone was surprised at the speed of Rui's ball. Then Rui kept practicing her serve to a bunch of boys. All of the boys got knocked down. They were scared of Rui's ball. Usagi thought that Rui was very cool. But Naru noticed that something was wrong with Rui.

Luna learned from the computer that the enemy that they were fighting against was called the dark kingdom. She also learned that the dark kingdom was after human energy and the ginzuishou.

The girls and Luna were at Hikawa shrine. Luna told the girls about the dark kingdom. Then Usagi suggested that they take up tennis to build up their strength and endurance. When Ami and Rei asked why, Usagi said that there was a cool looking tennis coach, Sanjouin Masato. Rei said, "Then you gave up on Tuxedo Kamen."
Usagi then said, "Oh yeah.. What should I do."
A disappointed Luna said, "I'm glad Ami and Rei are with me.."
Usagi got upset and asked, "What."
Luna said, "If I only had you, the dark kingdom would have gotten the energy of all humans by now."
Rei said, "Isn't it some mistake that Usagi is one of us."
Ami said, "That's saying too much, you two." Usagi was very upset, but since Ami was the only one that was nice to her, Usagi hugged Ami. Then when Usagi asked Ami to play tennis with her, Ami said that she had to go to cram school.

Naru called Usagi over to her house to discuss Rui. Naru said that Rui seemed to be a different person. Naru then told Usagi what happened earlier that day.

Rui was practicing with the tennis team. But she hit the ball too strong and knocked the other girls down. The girl even cracked her tennis racket. Then Rui stepped on it and broke it, saying that she brought another racket. Rui just kept practicing. Later when Naru approached Rui, Rui said that it had nothing to do with her.

When Naru started crying, Usagi said that she would help out. Usagi suggested that they investigate right away.

Usagi and Naru went to the tennis school that Rui usually went to after school. Usagi felt that a youma might be involved and became scared. But Usagi thought that if she solved this by herself, Luna and Rei would think better of her. Usagi and Naru saw Rui drilling the ball against some professional tennis coaches. The pros wanted to quit, but Rui yelled at them. When Naru yelled out to Rui to stop it, Rui swung her tennis racket and blew Naru and Usagi into the bushes. Then since Rui's energy had reached the peak, Nephrite unleashed the youma from inside the tennis racket. Usagi saw the youma and transformed into Sailor Moon.

When Sailor Moon went to face the youma, the youma shot a tennis ball at her. Sailor Moon tried to run away, but the ball hit her. Then a large body-sized tennis ball formed around Sailor Moon. The youma bounced Sailor Moon high into the air. Sailor Moon was totally helpless. Then a red rose came flying by and hit the youma. The youma tried to hit her tennis ball at Tuxedo Kamen, but Tuxedo Kamen's staff extended to hit the youma. The youma fell down and the large tennis ball around Sailor Moon disappeared.

Sailor Moon thanked Tuxedo Kamen, but Tuxedo Kamen told her not to let down her guard. Then the youma attacked Sailor Moon again. Sailor Moon turned to run away but she fell down. The youma fired at Sailor Moon again, but Tuxedo Kamen came just in time to save Sailor Moon. Then Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to get ready to finish off the youma. The youma blasted Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Kamen threw his rose. The rose hit the youma and Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to use her tiara. But Sailor Moon saw that Tuxedo Kamen got hit. Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to use the tiara again, and Sailor Moon obeyed. The tiara destroyed the youma.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Luna arrived just in time to see the youma get destroyed. When Sailor Moon looked around, Tuxedo Kamen was gone.

Later when Naru and Usagi were watching Rui playing tennis, Naru told Usagi that Rui didn't remember anything. Usagi said that since she was all right now, there was nothing to worry about. Then Rui came and asked Naru if she wanted to play tennis together. A happy Naru went off to play with Rui.

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