Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 15

Episode Title
Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu date
[Usagi panics! Rei-chan's First Date
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  • Script by Arctic Animation.
    Organized into synopsis by Stephen Congly (
Rei, Usagi and Ami gather in a park and are admiring its beauty. Rei is slightly surprised that Ami knows about the place; Ami states that she usually reads here if there is no juku. The girls talk to the caretaker who tells them that the park will soon be converted to office buildings and the girls express their disappointment; Rei adds that she will have a date in the park before it is eliminated.

Luna, in her continuing search for the Moon Princess eventually ends up in the middle of the road and is almost run over save for Mamoru's intervention. Usagi accuses Mamoru of trying to harm Luna. Mamoru attempts to defend himself, but fails. Just then, Motoki happens by and greets Mamoru. Usagi is suprised at both the fact that Motoki knows Mamoru and that Mamoru is a college student.

Elsewhere, Nephrite chooses his next target which _just happens_ to be the park's caretaker.

Usagi is spending her money at the game centre while Rei is pumping Motoki for information about Mamrou. Rei discovers that Mamoru is the eldest son in his family and is living by himself in an expensive apartment. Rei then pledges to go with Mamoru on a date in the park seen earlier.

The park caretaker wonders how to protect nature and is told by Nephrite, who appears in front of the caretaker, that the caretaker can do it himself. The caretaker is then possessed by a youma (Petasosu) which controls animals and insects.

Rei, in her attempts to meet Mamoru, plans to use Motoki's information to accidently run into Mamoru. Rei daydreams of this occurance and imagines Mamoru as being apologetic and offering a cup of tea in apology. Not too far away, Usagi watches Rei's face hit the sidewalk in a failed attempt to hit Mamoru.

Mamoru asks Rei if she is all right; she applies in the affirmative and asks Mamoru to take her out for tea. Mamoru agrees much to Usagi's chagrin. Usagi, being upset, decides to follow the two.

After the commercial break, Usagi watches Rei and Mamoru in the restaurant outside the window. Usagi initially plans to transform into a waitress to sneak in, but Luna prevents her. Umino happens by and is coherced by Usagi to 'take her on a date'/aid her in spying on Rei. Rei and Mamoru then agree to go to the park.

Luna has a short conversation with Ami concerning the caretaker of the park. The caretaker is acting strangely; he tells people that without a reason, they should not be in the park. As well, the caretaker is able to 'indirectly' drive off the construction workers; an animal attacks one of the construction workers visciously causing them all to flee. Luna feels the presence of the Dark Kingdom which leads her and Ami to search for Usagi and Rei.

Mamoru and Rei, out on the lake, are talking about the park and nature in general. Mamoru expresses his disappointment in the fact that the park will be destroyed. Usagi is watching from the distance trying to get closer to the couple on the lake. Usagi leaves the scene leaving Umino slightly surprised at her disappearence.

Luna and Ami find Usagi and tell her that something unusual is occuring in the park. Petasosu appears and begins attacking leading Usagi and Ami to transform and begin attacking. Rei observes Mamoru acting strangely; Rei disappears and enters into the melee. Just before Usagi defeats the youma, Tuxedo Kamen drops in to offer a few words of wisdom.

After the youma is defeated, the caretaker recovers and asks Ami what has happened. Ami simply replies that it was a dream. Not too far away, Rei asks Mamoru how he is; Mamoru is fine. Rei comments that Mamoru must be Tuxedo Kamen to Usagi's disbelief. Umino then shows up telling Usagi to return to their 'date'. Mamoru is amused to Usagi's horror.

At the end, Usagi daydreams about a wedding scenario with Tuxedo Kamen and kissing with him until she is snapped back to reality by Luna's interjection.

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