Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 16

Episode Title
Junpaku dress no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru
[Pure White Dress Dream! Usagi Becomes Bride]
Air Date
  • Script by Arctic Animation.
    Organized into synopsis by Stephen Congly (
Naru asks Usagi what has occured with Higure Akiyama, the home economics teacher. However, Usagi is non-responsive because she is drowsy as a result of the chocolate pafe she ate. Umino pops up and says that Akiyama is different because she is engaged to be married. There is a brief flashback of the proposal to Akiyama followed by Usagi thinking about her future marriage.

The scene shifts to a fabric store where Haruna (main teacher for Usagi-tachi) meets Akiyama. They talk for a bit about searching for the perfect dress. Before parting, Haruna comments that she wants to find a suitable husband and the wedding. Nearby, Nephrite 'surprisingly' chooses Akiyama as his next target.

Usagi comes across a poster advertising a "home made wedding dress contest" and is very impressed by the first prize of a grand wedding reception. Rei also comes across the poster and asks whether the reception can be deferred and is told yes. Both daydream of winning the reception.

In her attempts to win the contest, Rei plots. Thinking that because Ikuko (Usagi's mother) is a housewife and thus will be skilled in sewing, Rei follows Usagi home and flatters Ikuko. Rei asks to learn how to sew from Ikuko which leads to some surprise on Ikuko's part because she cannot sew. Luna is moderately disgusted at the priorites that Usagi and Rei hold (rather than training against the Dark Kingdom).

Usagi tries to get Ami's assistance for the contest but is essentially rebuffed (Ami discusses theory rather than actual practical work).

In the fabric store, people are all fighting over various bolts of fabric. Suddenly, one beautiful bolt happens to fall in front of Akiyama. A disgused Nephrite, from behind her, tells Akiyama that the fabric, which he has corrupted, is perfect for her.

Still trying valiently, Usagi decides to ask Naru whether she would be willing to help Usagi in the contest. Naru declines and comments negatively on Usagi having slept throughout home economics and her short attention span. Usagi then decides to go to Akiyama's house to get some lessons on sewing. While there, Naru and Usagi see Akiyama's fiancee and Usagi is not very impressed.

Akiyama's fiancee inquires on Akiyama's condition because she has not answered the phone, etc. Akiyama treats her fiancee very negatively and tells him not to return to her house until the wedding dress contest if he still wants to be married. Usagi and Naru are suprised by Akiyama's condition and Usagi is shocked that Akiyama is entering the contest. Luna, who has tagged along like most times, feels a demonic presence in Akiyama.

At the Hino temple, Luna explains her suspecions to Ami only to be interrupted by Rei attempting to 'borrow' the temple's only rental wedding robe only to be caught by her grandfather. Rei's grandfather propositions Ami, like he is normally want to do while Ami declines.

Usagi tries to steal Ikuko's lace but is caught in the act. Ikuko permits Usagi to have the lace but removes Usagi's allowance for three months.

At the contest, Usagi is standing as a bystander because she was unable to get a dress made; however, Usagi did try hard as seen through the punctures in her fingertips. Usagi enters the contest using her disguise pen and still wants to win; Luna forbids Usagi from actually competing.

Usagi looks for Akiyama but cannot find her. Eventually, the hostess, who is Akiyama, comes out and hypnotises the audience. Nephrite brings out the youma Widow who attacks the senshi who have by this time already transformed. Following the standard battle, the youma is defeated.

After recovering from the influence of the youma, the reception continues. Following some comments from the women on the wedding, Ami comments that the person that catches the bride's bouquet will be married next. Rei, Usagi and Haruna fight over the bouquet which finally ends up in Ami's possession.

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