Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 17

Episode Title
Model ha Usagi? Youma camera no nessha
[Model is Usagi? Focus of Demon Camera]
Air Date
  • Script by Arctic Animation.
    Organized into synopsis by Stephen Congly (
Usagi, Naru and Ami (less so) are admiring the work of Kijin Shibakawa, a junior high student who won a national photography award. Usagi and Naru head to see Kijin and ask Ami if she wants to come. Ami declines prefering to study. Usagi and Naru attempt to get Kijin's photograph but are stopped by Rei, whose school is close to Kijin's.

Some time later, Nephrite saves Kijin from falling when he is taking a photograph of a cliff. At this time, Nephrite corrupts Kijin's camera with the force of the Dark Kingdom. This change leads to Kijin wanting to take photographs of girls.

While Luna is trying to give Usagi her new communicator, Usagi is distracted by an advertisement that she found; Kijin Shinokawa looking for models. With the new communicator, Usagi calls Ami and then Rei telling both about the contest. Luna, Ami and Rei are all disgusted at Usagi's use of the communicator. Shingo then comes by and criticises Usagi's intelligence and says that models need to be smart [ ^_- ]. Trying for pity, Usagi pleads to her mother but is disappointed when her mother agrees with Shingo.

In an attempt to cheer herself up, Usagi goes to the arcade where she receives support from Motoki. Unfortunately, Mamoru is much less supportive to Usagi's chagrin.

A short time later, Shingo confronts Usagi who is waiting for the mail to see if she has made it through the first selection. To Shingo's surprise, she does. This 'success' leads Usagi to practice being a model to Luna's amusement. Unfortunately for Usagi, her bathing suit has moth holes in it probably due to lack of use.

At the second selection, Usagi is bewildered at the number of people around. Soon, Usagi meets Naru and Haruna who are both competing as well. Usagi explains the situation about her bathing suit and is comforted by Naru.

LUna informs Usagi that all of the girls that Kijin photographed have disappeared. It takes a theft of one of Usagi's ribbons in order to prevent Usagi from being photographed. Usagi then finally realises the danger of the situation.

After being instructed by Luna, Usagi becomes Sailor Moon to defeat Cameran, who has taken Kijin's energy. After an intitial bit of confrontation, Ami and Rei arrive and attack respectively. Finally, Sailor Moon defeats the youma through her tiara.

Following the loss to Sailor Moon, Zoisite and Nephrite discuss the results and essentially attack each other over respective failures. This is followed by an interview with Kijin where he states that a girl's true beauty lies in her heart; the Tsukinos = watching the television wish that Usagi could be just like that ideal girl.

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