Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 18

Episode Title
Shingo no junjou! Kanashimi no France ningyo
[Shingo's Love! Sorrow French Doll]
Air Date
  • Script by Arctic Animation.
    Organized into synopsis by Stephen Congly (
At the beginning, Beryl is speaking to Nephrite and Zoisite about the Dark Kingdom's plans and failures. At the end, Nephrite refuses to accept Zoisite's aid and rather decides to go alone; Zoisite is pleased at Nephrite's loss of favour in Beryl's eyes.

In the morning, Usagi hears her family discuss the fact that Shingo's friend, Mika has won a French doll contest. As a result of making fun of Shingo in regards to his relation with Mika, Usagi is late once again leading to another session of detention. During this detention, two of Shingo's classmates tell Usagi of Shingo's harsh treatment of Mika (including breaking the prize winning doll) earlier in the day due to the teasing of his classmates (shown in flashback).

At Mika's house, Mika is concentrating on making a new doll with a very sad face. Mika's mother asks to see the prize winning doll, but Mika says that she lent it to someone.

Usagi orders Shingo to go and speak to Mika and apologise for his actions. Shingo appears to be very negative to this idea and seems to grudgingly go. In reality, Shingo is very guilty over his actions. Approaching Mika's house, Shingo notices a red Ferrari in the driveway and decides to come back later. The visitor is actually Nephrite, in the guise of Masato Sanjoin who comes to ask Mika to create several dolls for sale. During this visit, Nephrite adds energy from the Dark Kingdom in order to possess Mika.

Mika, due to the influence of the Dark Kingdom becomes very fixated on making dolls. Shingo saddened at Mika's change in attitude decides to make a Sailor Moon doll for Mika during which there is an ironic exchange between Usagi and Shingo.

At the large doll show, Mamoru and Nephrite run into each other and have a short moment of dja vu but nothing comes of it. Usagi, Shingo and the girls meet Mika as she completes her last doll. At this point, Nephrite releases the youma; Shingo tries to protect Usagi but fails.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon in order to defeat Jemoe, the youma of the day. Usagi appears to be losing until Ami and Rei step in to aid Usagi. After Ami determines the weakness of the left ankle, Usagi is able to defeat the youma.

In the aftermath of the battle, Shingo and Mika are able to resolve their differences; it is sealed with Mika giving Shingo a Sailor Moon doll like the one (which was broken in the fight) that Shingo was going to give her. Shingo is "very" happy to Mika's disgust.

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