Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 20

Episode title
Natsuyo Umiyo Seishunyo! Omakeni yuureimoyo
[Summer, Ocean, Youth! Also a ghost]
Air date
Voice Actors
Sakiko (Fuchizaki Yuriko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.08.17
    [the swimsuit episode:-]
Usagi, Ami, and Rei went to the ocean. It was supposed to be for their sailor senshi training. But the girls just wanted to have fun.

Rei had made a reservation at a seaside house with a private beach. Usagi was looking forward to the fun. She imagined that there would be lots of cool guys around her, including Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi couldn't wait to get to the house.

They walked for a long time through the forest. Usagi got mad because Rei didn't confirm the directions earlier. Then it started to rain. Then Thunder. Usagi was afraid of thunder. Usagi started running, and screamed when she spotted a little girl in a hood. The little girl led the three girls to a very scary, old mansion on a cliff. It happened to be the "Pension Adams" where Rei had made the reservations. Usagi felt very scared.

When they opened the door, three people greeted them. They looked like a Frankenstein, a Werewolf, and a scary woman.

The little girl's name was Sakiko. Sakiko's father was a very tall, mean-looking man. He told Sakiko not to play around with the three girls.

During dinner when the Frankenstein man came and asked if they wanted more food, Usagi became very scared. Then the Werewolf man came with desserts and Usagi screamed out again. Usagi asked Rei why she had made the reservation at this place. Rei said it was very cheap. Then Ami said that the food was delicious, and the costumes were very funny.

Then a spirit/ghost appeared. The three helpers became very scared. They said it was the spirit of the house. Rei felt some strong power behind it, but didn't think it was a youma.

The next day the three girls went to the beach. Usagi was very happy and wore a cute pink swimsuit. It was a private beach, as advertised. It was a little beach underneath the cliff. Usagi was getting sad because there was nobody else nearby. Ami had brought her school book and started studying. Usagi got mad at Ami and said that they had to play. Then Ami put the book down and they all played together. Ami and Rei both threw the ball and hit Usagi.

That night everyone was scared again. Rei put her anti-ghost signs all over the place so they could eat in peace. Ami spotted Sakiko by herself outside on the cliff, and went to talk to her. Sakiko had watched the three girls playing during the day. Ami asked Sakiko if she was lonely. She said that Sakiko was very much like her old self. Ami said that Sakiko should become friends with Usagi to cheer her up. Then Sakiko's father came and said, "Leave, if you don't want to be scared again," to Ami. Sakiko's father dragged Sakiko back into the house.

Back in the house, Sakiko's father used hypnosis to draw out Sakiko's power. Sakiko's father wanted to show the world that they had the power because they had been ridiculed in the past.

Usagi was very scared and wondered around the house looking for her friends. Usagi then found the three house helpers, who were going through some spiritual ceremony. Usagi thought they were ghosts or something, but Rei came and said that they were regular people.

Ami went into the room where Sakiko's father was trying to draw out Sakiko's power. The spirit came out and attacked Ami. Then the spirit attacked Sakiko's father, and sent him flying outside. Sakiko was still in her trance.

Rei and Usagi saw the spirit too. Rei said that they had to transform to help Sakiko's father. "Moon prism power make up!"

Sailor Mercury tried to wake up Sakiko. Sailor Moon tried to fight, but the spirit was too strong and blasted her. The spirit was still attacking Sakiko's father. Sakiko woke up, but the spirit didn't vanish. Sakiko went to her father. Sakiko's father said that the spirit was now uncontrollable and told Sakiko to escape. But Sakiko stayed by her father. The spirit came around to attack again. Then Sakiko turned around and blasted the spirit away.

Sakiko's father said that he had used the guests for testing Sakiko's power.

The next day Sakiko played with three girls on the beach. Sakiko was very happy and Sakiko's father just watched them. The three helpers came and asked Sakiko's father about the spirits. He said that there wouldn't be any more spirits.

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