Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 23

Episode title
Nagareboshini negaiwo! Naru-chan no junai
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.08.31
Usagi and Naru-chan were at a swimming pool. Naru-chan was sitting at the side of the pool thinking about Sanjouin Masato. Usagi came up to her from the water, and splashed water on her.
Naru-chan said, "Usagi, you're so childish."
Usagi then asked, "Are you an adult?"
Naru-chan answered that she was and said, "I've fallen in love."
Usagi laughed and said, "You need a partner for love."
Naru-chan said, "Of course."
Usagi got worried and said, "You can't have Tuxedo Kamen or Motoki."
Then Naru-chan said that she had fallen in love with Sanjouin Masato. Usagi tried to tell Naru-chan that Sanjouin was a bad one, but Naru-chan just walked away.

Usagi was discussing Naru-chan with Ami and Rei. They said that Usagi should tell Naru-chan about Sanjouin.

Queen Beryl couldn't find Nephrite, and she was getting upset.

Nephrite decided to get the ginzuishou (a special silver crystal with some secret power), since his other attempts to get power had failed. Then Zoisite appeared and argued with Nephrite, saying that getting the ginzuishou was his assignment. After Zoisite left, Nephrite used his power and found out that Naru-chan had the secret behind the ginzuishou. Nephrite got a black crystal which would lead him to the ginzuishou.

Zoisite went to Kunzite. Kunzite told Zoisite that he should just take it away from Nephrite. Then Zoisite sent his youma (an old woman) to get the ginzuishou from Nephrite.

Usagi went with Luna to Naru-chan's house. But she couldn't build up the courage to go in. Usagi decided that she was going to go ask Motoki for advice.

Usagi went to the game center where Motoki worked. Motoki was helping out another girl at a game, and Usagi got a little jealous.

Motoki, Mamoru, and Usagi went to a coffee shop, and Usagi explained the situation. Motoki said that she should just let it go for a while. But Mamoru said that Usagi should tell Naru-chan right away, to show the real friendship. Motoki agreed. Then Usagi became happy and ordered a lot of food. Mamoru and Motoki got worried because they didn't have much money. But Usagi said that she would pay for it.

Usagi went to Naru-chan's house. When Naru-chan opened the door, Usagi told Naru-chan that Masato was a bad one and that she should give up on him. Then Usagi ran off before Naru-chan could say anything.

That night Naru-chan was thinking about Sanjouin. Then she got a phone call from him. After the phone call, Naru-chan left immediately for the park.

At the park, Naru-chan and Sanjouin were sitting on a bench. Sanjouin said, "I have to say good-bye. I'm being chased by some bad ones, and I don't want to get you mixed up in it." Then Naru-chan asked if there was anything that she could do to help. Sanjouin said that he needed the ginzuishou.

Naru-chan didn't know what the ginzuishou was. Then she remembered one crystal that her mother showed her, which sparkled with a silver color. Naru-chan asked Sanjouin to wait and ran back home. Naru-chan stole the crystal from the safe in her mother's store and ran out.

Usagi and Luna were on their way to Naru-chan's house. Luna told Usagi to go see Naru-chan, but Usagi really didn't want to go. Then they ran into Naru-chan's mother.

Usagi and Luna ran to the park. "Moon prism power. Make up!"

Naru-chan gave the crystal to Sanjouin. Sanjouin tested the crystal, but his kurozuishou didn't respond. Naru-chan became happy that she did something to help out Sanjouin. Then the kurozuishou started responding, as Naru-chan started glowing. Sanjouin thought that he had to investigate Naru-chan some more and was going to take her somewhere.

Then Sailor Moon appeared. Sailor Moon told Naru-chan that Sanjouin was Nephrite, and one of the dark kingdom. Naru-chan couldn't believe it. Then Sanjouin blasted Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon started crying, as she fell down and tried to avoid the attacks. Sanjouin used his "starlight attack". But Sailor Moon escaped.

Just as Sanjouin was going to attack again, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars came. They attacked Sanjouin with the "shabon spray" and "fire soul". But Sanjouin jumped out of the way. Then Sailor Moon used the "moon tiara action". It was heading right toward Sanjouin. Then Naru-chan ran in front of Sanjouin to protect him. Naru-chan said, "I'll protect him."

Then Sailor Moon quickly said, "Please stop," and the moon tiara stopped just before Naru-chan.

The Sailor Senshi told Naru-chan to get out of the way. But Naru-chan didn't and said, "I'll give my life to protect him. Because I love him."

Then the kurozuishou started flashing. The youma appeared and tried to steal the kurozuishou, thinking it was the ginzuishou. Sanjouin blasted the youma to protect Naru-chan. Then the youma and Sanjouin fought. Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action and killed the youma.

Sanjouin gave back the crystal that Naru-chan had brought, as it wasn't the ginzuishou. The Sailor Senshi tried to make Sanjouin think more about Naru-chan, and not use her. But Sanjouin said, "The world will be in the hands of the dark kingdom if they get the ginzuishou," and left.

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