Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 24

Episode title
Naru-chan goukyuu! Nephrite ainoshi
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.02
    [This was a great episode.]
After school Naru-chan was with Usagi in a park. Naru-chan was feeling sad. Usagi told Naru-chan to forget about Sanjouin. But Naru-chan said, "I can't. No matter how bad he is. Usagi, is there someone you like?"
"Well.. Yeah."
"Then you must know how I feel."

Nephrite was wondering why the kurozuishou (black crystal which was used to locate the ginzuishou) was responding to Naru-chan. He was thinking if it was "the energy of love". Then Nephrite recalled that Sailor Moon knew Naru-chan. So Nephrite thought that Naru-chan must know the identity of Sailor Moon. Zoisite was sneaking around and saw the kurozuishou.

At night when Naru-chan was sleeping Nephrite went to her room. The kurozuishou responded to her. Nephrite thought that the ginzuishou could be inside one's body. Nephrite used the kurozuishou and his power to look through Naru-chan's body.

[Naru-chan's covers -> Naru-chan's pajamas -> Naru-chan nude]

Nephrite discovered that the ginzuishou was not there. Then Naru-chan woke up. She saw Sanjouin's shadow. Nephrite told her the truth about his identity. Nephrite said, "I learned about love from you." He continued a little bit about his evil group. Then Nephrite said, "Your love made me wake up. I want to fight against the evil forces with Sailor Moon. If you know who Sailor Moon is can you tell me?"
But since Naru-chan didn't know, she answered, "I'm sorry I don't know."
Nephrite said, "You don't believe me."
"I do believe you. I really don't know." Naru-chan had tears going down her face. Then Nephrite disappeared. He was thinking that Naru-chan might contact Sailor Moon if she knew who she was.

Zoisite was plotting against Nephrite. Zoisite's three youma wanted to attack Nephrite, but Zoisite said that Nephrite was too strong. Zoisite wanted to get Naru-chan as a hostage.

Usagi got a phone call in the middle of the night. Naru-chan wanted to discuss it with Usagi. She said that Usagi was the only one she could talk to. Naru-chan said, "Sanjouin wanted to know where Sailor Moon is." Usagi tried to find out more, but Naru-chan started crying. Naru-chan said that she felt better and hung up.

Luna and Usagi ran toward Naru-chan's house because they thought Nephrite was up to something. Usagi was running too slow, so Luna went ahead by herself. Then the world started to distort around Usagi. Usagi thought it was the youma, and turned into Sailor Moon. Then Nephrite appeared and said that he found out Sailor Moon's identity. Sailor Moon asked Nephrite not to tell anyone. Nephrite said it didn't matter because he would kill her now, and started blasting Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to get away. Then Tuxedo Kamen came. He said that he would fight Nephrite.

Then Nephrite felt that Naru-chan was in trouble. He heard Naru-chan calling him, "Please help, Nephrite-sama."
Nephrite said, "Sailor Moon, I know who you are. I can attack you any time. You better be waiting." Then Nephrite disappeared.
Sailor Moon was worried because her identity had been discovered. But Tuxedo Kamen said, "Don't worry if he found out about your identity." Tuxedo Kamen also left.

When Luna arrived at Naru-chan apartment, she saw Naru-chan being taken away by some youma.

Nephrite arrived in Naru-chan's room. There was a message from Zoisite saying that he would exchange Naru-chan for the kurozuishou. Nephrite said that he didn't care about Naru-chan, and burned the message.

Nephrite went to where the three youma were keeping Naru-chan. Naru-chan was tied up against the wall. The youma attacked Nephrite, but he easily defeated them. Nephrite didn't finish them off and said, "I won't give you the kurozuishou! Tell that to Zoisite." Then Nephrite carried Naru-chan outside.

While she was in Nephrite's arms, Naru-chan thanked him. Nephrite said, "I didn't know why I saved you myself. I've been tricking you until now." But Naru-chan said that she didn't mind, as long as he was near.

Then Naru-chan noticed that Nephrite's arm was injured. She led him to a park. Nephrite sat down against a tree and Naru-chan ripped her pajama shirt to tie Nephrite's arm. Naru-chan said that she wanted to go eat chocolate parfait with Nephrite. She said that it was her little dream. Nephrite said, "Ok. Let's go." Naru-chan asked if Sunday was a holiday for evil people too. Nephrite laughed. Naru-chan was very happy to see Nephrite laugh.

Then the youma appeared. One of them stabbed Nephrite in his shoulder with a large thorn. The youma said, "That thorn will suck your energy until you die." Nephrite told Naru-chan to escape, but she didn't want to. Naru-chan started trying to pull out the thorns from Nephrite's shoulder. The youma said that a human couldn't pull it out. Nephrite told Naru-chan to escape again. But Naru-chan kept trying to pull it out. Naru-chan was crying and said, "Don't die." Then the thorns started coming out a little.

Youma was surprised and blasted them again. Nephrite grabbed Naru-chan and covered her from the explosion. Naru-chan was all right, but Nephrite was badly injured. Then Zoisite appeared and grabbed the kurozuishou. Zoisite told Nephrite that he should be happy to die with the one that he loved and left.

The youma was going to finish Nephrite off. Nephrite told Naru-chan to escape. But Naru-chan said "No" again. Then the Sailor Senshi appeared.

Sailor Mercury used the "shabon spray" and the youma couldn't move. Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars used their "moon tiara action" and "fire soul" to kill the youma.

Nephrite said to Sailor Moon, "You're identity won't leak out."
Then Nephrite said to Naru-chan, "I'm sorry. I can't go eat chocolate parfait. I lied to you till the end. Please forgive me. I'm glad I met you."

Then Nephrite disappeared. Only the piece of cloth from Naru-chan's pajamas remained.
Naru-chan cried. (;_;)
The Sailor Senshi were also in tears. (;_;) (;_;) (;_;)

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