Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 25

Episode title
Koisuru kairiki shoujo, Jupiter-chan
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.15
    [This episode introduced Sailor Jupiter.]
Queen Beryl was using some power to revive/talk to her ruler/master. The ruler told Queen Beryl that she(he?) needed the ginzuishou to appear. But Queen Beryl said that she didn't know where it was.

Usagi was running to school. She was late again. Luna was following her carrying the lunch that Usagi had forgotten. When Usagi ran around a corner, she ran into three punks. The guys got mad at Usagi. One of them said that his leg was broken. Usagi became very scared. Then a large girl came and beat up the guys for picking on a helpless girl. The girl had a small rose ear ring, and Usagi thought she was great.

Queen Beryl was with Zoisite and Kunzite. She said that there used to be a group of seven youma who were the strongest. But they got caught and were now trapped in the ginzuishou crystal fragments called the nijizuishou (rainbow crystal). Queen Beryl said that the nijizuishou was inside some human now. She gave Zoisite a kurozuishou that would only respond to the nijizuishou. Zoisite saw an image of a boy with glasses.

During lunch, Usagi went outside and spotted the large girl sitting by herself. Then Umino came up to Usagi. Umino told Usagi that the girl was Kino Makoto, a very strong girl who got thrown out of her previous school for fighting. He told Usagi that she should stay away from her.

But Usagi went up behind Makoto and hid in the bushes. Makoto's lunch looked very good and Usagi was admiring her lunch. Then Makoto spotted Usagi. Makoto offered Usagi some of her lunch, so Usagi ate one onigiri (rice ball). Makoto said most of the students at this school were not approaching her. Usagi said Mako's mother was good at cooking. Then Mako said that she had made it herself.

After school, Usagi and Mako went to the game center. Usagi said that Motoki wasn't there. Mako asked if Motoki was Usagi's brother. Then Mako went to play the Sailor V game. Ami and Rei came. Luna had felt something about Mako. Usagi introduced them. Usagi said, "the smart Ami, and the mean Rei". Then Usagi and Rei started arguing. Luna pretended to be a cute cat.

Then they noticed that there was a crowd around a boy in glasses who was playing the crane game. The boy kept getting all of the stuffed animals. [I think there was a stuffed doll of one of the Sailor Senshi.] He used some power to float the stuffed animal into the crane's arms. One of Usagi's friends said that it was "crane arashi no Joe". It was said that he always got all of the stuffed animals at game centers. Mako blushed and said that the boy looked like someone she knew.

Joe left carrying a bag of the stuffed animals. Mako followed him. When Joe was walking down the street, Zoisite appeared. Zoisite took out his kurozuishou, and the power caused the nijizuishou in Joe's body to respond. Joe started to yell out in pain.

Then Mako appeared. Mako got in front of Joe to protect him. Mako attacked Zoisite. Zoisite dodged Mako's strikes. Then Mako threw her rose ear ring. When Zoisite dodged it, Mako hit Zoisite. Zoisite got mad that someone hit his "pretty" face.

Then Usagi appeared and Zoisite vanished. Mako and Usagi went to Joe. Joe got up and left, saying that he didn't want any help. Mako went after Joe. Luna said that she felt something bad. She said that it could be the dark kingdom.

Mako followed Joe down the street. Joe told Mako to stop following him. Mako said that she would be his body guard. Then she asked Joe how he could get all of the stuffed animals. Joe just said that she couldn't copy his method.

Joe went into a coffee shop, alone. Mako waited outside. Usagi came and waited with Mako. Mako told Usagi that Joe was like someone she knew before.

Joe's body was still responding to the kurozuishou. He was in pain. Joe finally asked Mako to come in. He said that he didn't want her to stare at him from outside. Then Joe said that he had super powers for the crane game. Joe demonstrated by lifting up the ash tray with some strange powers. Then Mako said that it was cheating. But Joe said that it didn't matter.

Then Zoisite appeared. Zoisite blasted Mako, and Joe started to run away. Usagi went in and said, "Are you going to leave the girl and run away!" Usagi said Joe wasn't a boy.
But Joe answered, "That big girl isn't my type." Then Joe ran off.
Usagi went to Mako. Mako sadly said, "He said the same thing to me.."

Zoisite caught up with Joe in the park. Zoisite got the nijizuishou from Joe's body. Then Sailor Moon appeared. Zoisite introduced himself to Sailor Moon and disappeared. He turned Joe into a youma, and made him fight Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon became scared. The youma attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to escape. Mako picked up the youma and threw him. A mark appeared on Mako's forehead. It was the mark of Jupiter. Then the youma grabbed Sailor Moon with one of his extending arms.

Luna told Mako that she was one of the Sailor Senshi. She told Mako to say, "Jupiter power.. make up!" Then Mako said those words and transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

The youma attacked Sailor Jupiter, but she avoided him. Then Sailor Jupiter used her "supreme thunder" attack and blasted the youma. She was going to do it again, but Luna stopped her. Luna said that the youma still was human inside.

Luna gave Sailor Moon a new item. It was a moon stick. Luna told Sailor Moon to say, "moon healing escalation." Sailor Moon's magic stick caused the youma to disappear. Then Joe appeared.

Luna said that the fourth Sailor Senshi had appeared. Sailor Moon had to be the leader to protect the princess.

The next day Mako was playing the Sailor V-chan game. Usagi was also there. Then Motoki came. Usagi introduced him to Mako. Mako said that Motoki was just like someone she knew. When Usagi mentioned Joe, Mako said that Motoki's voice was similar.

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