Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 28

Episode title
Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?
[The illustration of love, Usagi and Mamoru getting closer?]
Air date
Voice actors
Yumeno Yumemi (Fuchizaki Yuriko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.02
Queen Beryl was upset because she had lost 2 out of the 3 nijizuishou. [nijizuishou = rainbow crystal. There are 7 of them, which if gotten together, would get the ginzuishou (silver crystal).] Also 2 of her 4 men had been killed already (Jadeite and Nephrite). Zoisite apologized. He said that he would get the next nijizuishou. Zoisite discovered that the next one belonged to girl with glasses. He said that he would get it even if it costs him his life.

Usagi was in a park. It was autumn and there were a lot of couples around her in the park. Usagi was depressed. She was wondering if Tuxedo Kamen was her enemy. Luna said that he was an enemy because he was after the ginzuishou too. Usagi started to argue. Then Naru came and pulled Usagi away. When she was leaving, Usagi dropped the moon stick. Usagi didn't even notice. A very shocked Luna grabbed the moon stick before it fell into the pond. Luna was disappointed in Usagi.

Usagi and Naru went to an art gallery. It had illustrations by an artist called Yumeno Yumemi. Usagi liked the illustrations. There were couples all over. Umino appeared. He said that it was said that if one has her illustrations, a dream would come true. Then Usagi said that she would buy one of the posters.

There was a self illustration of Yumemi. She was a very pretty girl. But Umino said that Yumemi never went out in public. Then Usagi said that Yumemi might be an ugly girl.

Yumemi was sneaking around in the gallery. She was looking for the right image for her illustrations, but she couldn't find the right image.

Then Usagi spotted a illustration and stopped. It was a picture of a couple (man in a tuxedo and girl with long hair). Usagi said, "I thought I've seen it somewhere before."

Mamoru walked by the gallery and saw the same picture on a poster outside. He said that it was like the dream that he always saw.

Yumemi went out of the gallery and ran into Mamoru. Yumemi fell down. When she got up and put on her glasses, she saw Mamoru. She said he was just the image that she had been looking for.

Naru spotted Mamoru and said to Usagi that it was Motoki's friend. Usagi saw Mamoru with a girl besides Rei, so she ran out as she saw a chance to tease him.

Yumemi was holding on the Mamoru's arm. She said, "Please be my model."
Usagi ran out to them and said, "I'm going to tell Rei-chan on you!"
Mamoru said, "Don't make a mistake."
But Usagi said, "It's no mistake. You're holding hands."
Then Yumemi saw Usagi and grabbed her. Yumemi didn't let go of Usagi and said, "My perfect image. Please be my model."

Mamoru and Usagi went with Yumemi. They still did now know who this girl was. Mamoru said that he was busy. When they got to her house, Usagi found out about Yumemi's identity. Yumemi said that she kept her identity a secret, so that everyone would think she was pretty.

Yumemi told Usagi to sit next to Mamoru. Usagi was shocked. Mamoru said that he didn't want to do it. But Yumemi begged them. She said that she needed a model for her image. So Usagi sat next to Mamoru. Usagi thought that Rei would kill her if she found out. When Usagi looked closely at Mamoru, she thought he was handsome. But then she hit herself for thinking about someone other than Tuxedo Kamen.

Yumemi drew some sketches. She said that she felt like she could draw some good illustrations. Usagi looked at Yumemi's sketch. She said it was very good.

Yumemi said that when she draws, she thinks, "Please become happy. Please be able to meet someone nice."
Usagi was disappointed that Yumemi didn't have any friends. Yumemi said that it was ok as long as she made other people happy. Then Mamoru said, "If you can't make yourself happy, how can you make others happy."

Usagi then found a nice picture of a couple. Usagi got mad at Mamoru and said that Yumemi's illustrations were very good. Mamoru saw the picture and gasped. The illustration was one of a girl giving a pendant as a present to a guy. Yumemi said, "I always feel very painful when I draw that couple."

At night Usagi walked home with Yumemi. When Yumemi said that Usagi probably wanted to walk home with Mamoru, Usagi said that it wasn't so. Then they saw one of Yumemi's illustrations on a poster. Some girls walked by it and said that Yumemi must be pretty. Yumemi quickly hid behind Usagi. Usagi told Yumemi not to worry too much. Usagi said that Yumemi was a very nice person, and ran off.

Usagi ran into Luna. Luna gave the moon stick back to Usagi. Luna said that she would give the stick to someone else. But Usagi said that she wanted it. She said that she had been thinking about Tuxedo Kamen when she dropped it. Then when Luna insulted her by saying that Usagi was very simple minded, Usagi ran off.

The moon stick responded. It was in the direction of Yumemi's house.

Yumemi saw Zoisite and thought he was very pretty. But Zoisite used his kurozuishou and turned Yumemi into a youma.

Usagi went to Yumemi's house and looked inside. She found out that Yumemi was a youma. Usagi was scared. But she called the others, and transformed.

Zoisite and the youma went off. Zoisite thought that they got away. But Sailor Moon caught them at a construction site. Zoisite told the youma to attack Sailor Moon. The youma drew rocks with a pen and dropped them on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon ran around trying to avoid the rocks. When Sailor Moon fell down, the youma drew a large rock on top of her and dropped it. The rock was heading for Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Kamen came at the last minute to save her.

When Zoisite tried to escape, Tuxedo Kamen went after him.

Sailor Moon was fighting the youma. She said, "Return to Yumemi. Please remember your kind heart." Then the youma attacked again. But the other Sailor Senshi appeared and saved Sailor Moon.

When the youma attacked again, Sailor Mercury used the shabon spray.

Sailor Moon left the other girls to fight against the youma, and went to Tuxedo Kamen. Tuxedo Kamen was fighting Zoisite. Tuxedo Kamen wanted the nijizuishou. Zoisite blasted Tuxedo Kamen. But Sailor Moon came, and used the moon tiara to protect Tuxedo Kamen. Then Zoisite disappeared. Sailor Moon went to Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor Moon dropped the pendant that she had picked up before. [Tuxedo Kamen had dropped it in episode 26.] Tuxedo Kamen said, "Princess." Sailor Moon asked if Tuxedo Kamen knew about the princess. Tuxedo Kamen said that he didn't know. He also said that Sailor Moon could keep the pendant. Then Sailor Moon asked for the nijizuishou back. But Tuxedo Kamen said that he couldn't give it to her. He said that he would even come for the one that the Sailor Senshi had. When Sailor Moon asked if he was the enemy, Tuxedo Kamen said, "In the case of the nijizuishou, yes." Then Tuxedo Kamen left.

Sailor Moon realized that the battle against the youma was still going on. "Oh no, the battle's not over yet!"

When Sailor Moon returned, the youma was very weak. Sailor Moon used the moon healing escalation, and the youma went back to Yumemi. Then the Sailor Senshi went off.

Yumemi invited Mamoru and Usagi to her gallery. Yumemi showed the illustration that she had completed. Usagi and Mamoru both liked it. Then Usagi noticed that Yumemi's self illustration had been taken down. She had replaced it with a more realistic one. Yumemi thanked Usagi for convincing her that she should be herself more.

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