Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 29

Episode title
Daikonsen! Gucha gucha koi no shikaku kankei
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.02
    [This was very funny episodes. There were lots of deformed characters used.]
At the end of the preview, Sailor Moon said, "Sailor Moon ha boy friend boshuu chuu yo!" [Sailor Moon is looking for a boy friend now!]

The radio said that the probability of rain was only 10%. But it started raining. Mako was running home because she didn't have an umbrella. Then she ran into someone, and fell down. Mako got up and yelled out, "What are you looking at."
The person said, "Sorry."
Mako was very mad and said, "If you can get away with saying sorry, we won't need policemen." Then Mako found out that the person was Motoki. Mako quickly changed. She noticed that Motoki's voice sounded just like the person she liked before.

Mako and Motoki walked back together under one umbrella. Motoki said that he heard Mako was good at cooking. He asked her to cook for him someday. Then Mako said, "Ok, any time. I can clean your house too." Then Motoki wrote down his address and favorite food in Mako's book. Motoki's favorite food was hayashi rice.

It stopped raining. Mako was disappointed, and said that she wanted it to rain some more. Then Motoki said that he had to stop by at school, so Mako left by herself. Mako said, "I'll go over to your place this Sunday."

Right after Mako left, a girl came from the college. It was Reika, Motoki's girl friend. Reika teased Motoki by saying that Mako was his new girl friend. Motoki said that Mako was just a kid. Reika said that she couldn't go out with that day because she had some more work to do. Motoki asked if Reika had decided on that important thing. Then Mamoru came. Before Reika returned to the school, she asked Mamoru to accompany Motoki.

Motoki and Mamoru went to a coffee shop. Motoki said that Reika might have to go to Africa, but she didn't know what to do. Motoki said that he wanted her to stay close, but he didn't want to tie her down. Motoki then asked Mamoru if he liked Hayashi rice. Mamoru said that he didn't. Motoki told Mamoru that Mako was going to cook for him. Then Mamoru remembered that Mako was Usagi's friend and asked, "Don't you know how Usagi feels?"
Motoki answered, "Yeah, they're both cute."
"Cute?" Mamoru thought that Motoki was very dense.
Motoki answered, "Come on, they're only junior high school kids."
Mamoru quickly thought about Rei-chan, who was in junior high school.
Motoki said, "They're like younger sisters."

The next day Mako went to Motoki's house in the morning before school. She discovered that it was a real mess. Mako started cleaning up the room. Then Mako found a picture of Motoki and Reika. Mako became shocked.

At school Mako was with Luna and was feeling very depressed. Then Usagi came, and guessed that Mako must have a broken heart. Usagi said that she would help out, and asked who it was that Mako liked. Mako told Usagi that it was Motoki. Usagi was shocked and started crying, saying she liked Motoki. [Usagi looks very cute with tears in her big eyes.] When Mako said that she thought Usagi liked Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi said that she liked both. Usagi was still crying and Mako said, "Decide on one or the other!"

Usagi then became happy as she thought that Motoki's girl friend was her. But Mako told her that it was a person called Reika. Usagi became more shocked. Then Mako said that they should just attack, even if there wasn't much hope.

Usagi and Mako went to the game center to see Motoki. But they ran into Mamoru. Mamoru told them that Motoki only thought of them as younger sisters. Usagi got mad. She also told Mamoru that her name was not "odango atama". Then Usagi went inside. But Motoki was not there that day.

While they were waiting outside, Mamoru then told Mako about Reika going to study abroad. Mako choked Mamoru to try to get more information out of him.

At dark kingdom, Zoisite found the next target. It was Reika. Kunzite came and said that she was pretty. Zoisite got very jealous, saying that she was really an ugly youma. But Kunzite told him not to get jealous, and gave him a rose.

That night Mako went to the University to talk to Reika. Mako was going to talk her into going to study abroad. When Mako asked about it, Reika said that she wanted to go, but if Motoki stopped her she wouldn't go. Then Mako got upset. "If you feel that way, don't go. Make your choice, love or study!" Then Mako remembered that she had come to try to make Reika go, not stay.

On Sunday, Usagi and Mako were going to Motoki's place. Usagi was in a pink sweater and very short purple skirt. [Usagi looks VERY cute.] Usagi was carrying the bag of groceries and was very happy. When they got close to Motoki's apartment, Usagi imagined that Motoki was going to ask her to marry him. She imagined him going to kiss her. But Usagi had her eyes closed and was puckering up to Mako. Luna said that she didn't have to worry about that.

Usagi and Mako arrived at Motoki's place. They started cooking. Usagi said that she would help out. Mako asked her to peel the carrots. But Usagi said that she was no good at it. Then Mako asked her to cut the onions. Usagi said, "I don't like it because my tears would come out."
Mako asked, "Then please cook the rice."
Usagi said, while almost crying, "I don't know how to clean the rice." Then Mako hit Usagi.

Motoki got a call from Reika, who had made up her mind. Reika said that she had decided that she was going to go, but Motoki couldn't hear because it was too loud. Then Motoki left to meet Reika.

Usagi and Mako fell asleep waiting for Motoki. Luna spotted the moon stick responding. Usagi and Mako woke up. Luna told them to transform. Usagi and Mako transformed. "Moon prism power make up!" "Jupiter power make up!"

Zoisite was with Motoki and Reika. Motoki attacked Zoisite, but Zoisite blasted him and knocked him out. Zoisite then got the nijizuishou from Reika and turned her into a youma.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter appeared. Sailor Moon said that she was different today. "Boy friend boshuu chuu yo!"

The youma attacked Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter.

Zoisite was going to leave. But Tuxedo Kamen came and knocked the nijizuishou away.

Sailor Moon saw Tuxedo Kamen and became very happy. When Sailor Jupiter asked about Motoki, Sailor Moon said that she was now only going after Tuxedo Kamen. The youma attacked the Sailor Senshi. She threw a bottle of strange chemicals. A bunch of bugs started crawling up Sailor Moon's legs. Sailor Jupiter used the supreme thunder to get rid of the bugs. But the youma caught the supreme thunder in her flask.

Just then Sailor Mercury came and used the shabon spray to immobilize the youma. Sailor Mars used the fire soul to blast the youma's flask. Sailor Mars then told Sailor Moon to used her moon stick. Then they argued a little before Sailor Moon used the moon stick to turn the youma back into Reika.

Meanwhile Zoisite and Tuxedo Kamen were fighting. Then Zoisite admitted defeat and said that he would give the nijizuishou to Tuxedo Kamen. When Tuxedo Kamen relaxed, Zoisite blasted him and took the nijizuishou. Then Zoisite left.

Motoki went to see Reika off at the airport. Mako and Usagi were there too. Usagi was very sad and said that she was going to give up on Motoki. But Mako said that Reika might find someone nice in Africa. When Mako said that she was now the only one after Motoki, Usagi said that she still wanted him too.

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